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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Figment, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. On the advice of one of your members I have decided to let you (in reference to those who care) know who I am.

    You can call me Figment. I am not actually here, as all I am is your imagination run amuck. I only exist because you choose to read what I put forth. To make me go away, simply ignore me. It's that simple. If you don't read my posts I don't exist in your eyes. Without you I am nothing. So hopefully we can make this partnership work out for both our sakes. Make sense? No? Good.

    To start, I have an extremely low tolerance for idiocy, but then again, that is not really my problem as it is the morals of society. I see no reason for people to act like complete morons on a message board if they are fully capable of rational communication away from the almighty radiation screens (that's the monitor for those who don't like to decipher anything). I hope that proper grammar is not too much to ask of people. It makes life easier when you do not need to piece together moronic statements. This is of course only relevant if you care for me to take you seriously and read your posts.

    As it may be apparent, I can come off as a harsh person, and for that I apologize. I am, as some say, set in my ways. I won't open my mouth (or stretch my fingers) unless I know what I am talking (or typing) about. You will not find me spouting off about things that I am not inclined towards. Facts and truth dictate my actions, as well as the occasionally mockery for those who deserve it.

    I am interested in a lot of subject areas, and I will occasionally post about philosophy, music or sciences and I may even leak some of my work out for your eyes to gape upon.

    It's been a pleasure to talk about myself.

  2. Quite an intro:)

    welcome to the city! No idiots here, just those who feign it. If you find one, then it is just your imagination.:)
  3. Welcome to the city :D
  4. first.... that is one very very cool avatar picture. please, do tell where it came from.

    second... yep, i can tell you're gonna love it here... theres plenty juicy threads to sink your teeth into. And if you hate idiocy, you've come to the right place. if you went to Y*H***a, you went to the wrong place. :D

    third... "*wipes Dr Pepper from screen*" AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! V Funny. :D

    fourth... i forget what i was gonna write for fourth.

    fith... welcome! :)
  5. Welcome to the city, I think you will find that we are a mixed bunch. Some of us come here for finding serious information about out habits and some just end up here stoned and typing. We all have the commonality of the herb and at least in our conflicts we can smoke the metaphysical bowl and sort things out.

    welcome to the city

  6. Welcome to stonerville.. If you don't mind my idiotcy and bad grammmer then I guess it will be your loss..

    We are a friendly bunch.. We don't care to be called idiots though!1
  7. Welcome to the City! :)

    We all have our quirks and pet peeves but I think sometimes they are easy to overlook. We consider the City to be a huge stoner family. We accept each other for who we are and we respect one another. That's what makes the City such a cool place to chill.
  8. hmm? one of those people that think alot about themselfs!
  9. you remind me of meh little still trying to decide if thats a good or bad thing lol welcome to the city =)

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