FIghting is so immature...

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  1. I am going to be a senior in highschool and I've come to realize how stupid fights have gotten. The other day some kid started talking shit to my over MYSPACE (now come on?) So I'm like alright bitch I'll be here at X time u come and ill just beat ur ass real quick.

    Hes talking all this mad shit saying how he'll be there and stuff. So the time comes and he gets his friend to call me saying, hes to tired and can't make it.

    So he keeps running hsi mouth I try and get him to meet me up again and has a new excuse.

    Finally I just give up, the kids a complete douche bag, and has a total of 2 friends who only hang with him to make fun of him.

    HE wants me to meet him up somewhere so it can be all video taped and shit, and i'm like dude come on now, first off u gotta show u for once, stop talking shit over myspace, and quit acting like ur 2 friends r going to beat ur ass for me.

    What happend to the good ol days when ur just like at a party and u just start a fucking brawl. Thats my shit right there.
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    People don't know how to interact anymore
    Small disagreement and the first thing that happens is fists start flying.....
  3. im pretty confused. Your title is "fighting is immature" and yet i feel like not only you are looking for a fight, but you have guidelines in what defines a good fight from a bad one.

    Every fight is immature and bad. Even the party brawls you talk about.
  4. Glad I'm not the only one to notice the glaring irony in this.

    Sound like all of you need to grow up
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  5. if you're gonna fight em, then fight em, walk up to that shit talkin punk and put him in place, dont talk about it, just do what ya gotta do, use your fists, no foul play, live to fight another day
    if you're gonna go the 'fighting is immature' route, (which i somewhat agree with) then quit yo bitchin and give the kid 5 bucks for his troubles... drama for no reason, not even fighting for a cause....better yet, bring a joint and smoke it with em and enjoy the good in life, cause we all know some kid talkin shit on myspace isnt really that tough.
  6. The name's Patty Taninger, the Caddy Manager,


    So what it rhymes, you wanna fight about it?
  7. I still like to toss on the gloves and go out in the yard with some friends for a few rounds myself, fighting in general isn't really immature but the individuals and instances fought over generally are.

    Your first mistake is having a myspace acount, followed by allowing some kids taunts to get to you.
  8. ^FTW.
    whats the beef about anyway?
  9. "I am going to be a senior in highschool..."

    There is the explanation. You are in high school, a place where immaturity reigns supreme. Complaining about it only makes yourself look vulnerable and immature. Be the bigger man.

    And seriously...Myspace?
  10. Good lookin if someones gonna smoke a jay with me or give me 5 bucks he showin love so ima show it back keep it real baller

    but dont talk to that cat if hes still makin exscuse youll meet up wit him on the long road.. and then you can take care of buisness but this nerd soundin like he tryna jump you LOL..
  11. i thought this thread was about how "fighting is immature"?

    so are you trying to tell us that YOURE immature, or what? :laughing:

    but really, the kid sounds like a pussy. in my opinion, fighting isnt immature if theres good reason behind it.. you should show up at his house with a video camera one day and be like "ready"? :D
  12. So you made an appointment with a gentleman to fight him and then you finish off by saying why don't people just brawl.... contradiction? I think so.
  13. well the shit was over myspace LOL :D who talks shit behind the net in the first place....
  14. people get more and more immature as time goes by. just got to weed out the bad ones.

    weed . . . lol :D
  15. It may be immature, but it's sure fun to watch.:)

  16. qtf for sure

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