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  1. Hello everyone,
    My name is Annabella & I have decided it is time to stand up and start fighting to take back our right to use cannabis. At this time, I am looking for any information that could be useful within this fight. I intend to stand outside of our courthouse with information, & I will eventually be heading down to the capital to try to talk with senators and other members of our government.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with your input, or if you ever worked with a movement, what type of steps did you take? I am very open to ideas or help, if anyone is interested.
    Thank you so much for your time, I look forward to discussing ending prohibition with you!


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  2. I like the way you think!!! Haha if I were you I would just tell them simply : remember prohibition? It still doesn't work, weed has been proven to be less damaging then alcohol, and it could possibly be taxed and bring in revenue for the local community.

    Good luck with your fight! Haha

    God bless.

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  3. it would probably be best to get all the parts that make up the cannabis plant and make a list of the all the parts and pieces that represent the plant. it will bring it to a light the fact that it is just like everything else on earth and has all its parts and pieces there to be justified and quantified as to its existence . it would also show all the parts and pieces that are useful in and of themselves before being incorporated into the whole of the plant. only problem is people are and can be quite stupid and would not know what you were showing them most likely.

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