Fighting fire with meta fire

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  1. Tenement to anarchy is that consensus is spread across cumulative points
    of contention. Paramount to a single world order is that contention is centralized by means of enforced consensus.

    A world with minimal governments implies a regression towards a
    singular point of contention.

    It follows that an asymptotic indication for invariably distributed
    consensus would be a small variance tending to Earth's maximum population. That is to say, the functioning outcome of
    7 billion governments would result in a more virtuous planet than a vicious singular order.

    Achieving proofs of accumulated contention to virtuously scale would be
    another matter altogether.. It is akin to asking,
    How many times must a caterpillar blink before it learns to fly?
    Stationary contention serves as a function to keep consensus distribution variance high.
    Variance remains high because concensus is indefinitely enforced.
    Means for the enforced population to hold their captors accountable results in saddling contention.
    This mode of enforced concensus renders a population into recursive centralization (uniformity).

    Effectively abolishing the range of controls would be insurmountable because by their very nature,
    the enforcers are paramount to maintaining centralized consensus.
    Therefore the force necessary to contend or concede centralization is unaccountable.
    Requiring the abolishment of state-constituted possessions becomes obsolete if
    definitive self-regulation is made possible by integrating distributed concensus.
    The stable can always fit another horse to the saddle, so long as saddles are required.
    "Rocking the saddle" does not produce the results to inflect.
    This is because more effective results are produced when vehicles are adopted.
    The most evenly distributed anarchies on the planet self-evidently function.
    Take the internet and the great black markets of the world as a model.
    Their virtuous domains require distributed consensus to contend with the highly variable consensus present in vicious market cycles.

    "Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell."
    - Karl Popper

    So go ahead: abolish, stratify and rectify.
    Divide yourselves further in spite of the flames that stake bigger claims on your piece of paradise.
    Ask yourself which one are you. Can you stop an idea whose time has come? If not, do you choose to utilize the meta-fire that is love?
  2. I don't understand the pictures are the related?

  3. If you can't blind them with brilliance.........
  4. I dont know what op is smoking but I do know that I want some!
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  7. Repeating the same action and expecting different results is insanity.  Continuing down this repetitive route of action further is an addiction.

    The law of diminishing returns would tell us that juicing a patient with the same working dose for five years will result in very low productivity and high dependency. They will continue to chase the dragon without a glimpse of their insolvent outcome.

    Lets say Tyrone took his first hit in 2009.
    And that hit was great. It was so much fun. WOW!
    Come 2010, he took the same amount and was left unsatisfied. Kinda fun.
    Massive hangover.
    It's 2014 now. And our friend Tyrone just needs the dose to get up in the morning.
    He isn't tapped out, but many of his care-takers are.

  8. The other day upon the stair

    I met a man who wasn't there

    He wasn't there again today

    I wish that man would go away

  9. Take notes Chris, this is how you push an idea on a stoner forum.
  10. Audience member: "Negrodamus, will this thread continue to deliver?"
    Negrodamus: "..... Yes.... but only once OP's prescription is refilled..."
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