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  1. Hey guys, I just had to tell someone this because it freaked me the hell out haha! I was walking out of school because the bell just rang and everyone was going home. I was totally baked because latley in art we have been going to this really chill creak out by my school to sketch, and i thought it would be fun to get high before i went out there. The high lasted me untill school was out and right when i was walking to the bus some MS 13 girl and another north dallas girl just started fighting! The reason it freaked me out so bad is because i was totally baked out of my mind and they fell on me and nearly pushed me down! I just had to tell someone this but i didnt know who! It was crazy! :eek::smoke:
  2. There was a cat fight and you didn't video tape it? Not even pictures? I am disapoint in you op.
  3. Hey i was too baked to even process what was going on at the moment haha! Maybe someone else taped it. Ill ask around on facebook and try to get the video on here (if it is allowed D:) Maybe you will see my dumb ass almost being knocked over lol
  4. OP should of helped out the cuter looking one, got a blowjob, go to the other girl 30 minutes later, apologize for the other girl's mistakes, get another blowjob.

    Fuck bud you blew it. :wave:
  5. genius.

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