Fight or Flee ?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. War time I just wanna know one thing

    if the draft comes will you Stand and fight for the greatest country on earth or will you Run to canada like bill clinton and the rest of the draft dodging loosers ?

    Holla back will you Stand or Run

    American Pride
  2. I'm a girl, so I won't be drafted!
  3. well since you asked in such a way, i'd probably pick up a gun and start picking off every overly patriotic moron i saw, regardless of what country they from!


    ok and in reality. it wouldn't b an issue for me... i'm too friggin ill and week to physically fight in a war.
  4. what a sad, sad thread, (*)

    part of being an 'american' is the right to not kill people, at least I think so

    in fact part of being human is not killing people, if destroying life is patriotic then I'll be happy to be branded as a dissenter.
  5. i'd go through bootcamp, take my M16A2 rifle, and right outta training, shoot bush in the head for drafting me... (j/k... so if you're reading this bush, rest easy, i'm not coming for ya)

    but seriously, a friend and i already have it planned out. the day they say the draft is coming back (before they actually reinstate it), we're gonna go to a coworker's cabin in canada, and wait out the war.

    if it was something i actually believed in, and supported, i'd fight... but i just don't agree with why we're there.
  6. We can't judge one another for our beliefs. Some would fight, some would not...we're still all human, and we should respect one another no matter what we least here at the City, we should. Disagreement is fine but judging one another isn't.

    I'm a girl so I wouldn't be drafted...but if my country needed me to fight, I would. I'm very thankful for my freedom and I'd do what I felt I needed to do to ensure that those who'll live in this nation after I'm dead and gone will also have the freedom that I cherish now. I've lost many family members due to past wars but they fought for my rights and my freedom and I have respect that you couldn't even imagine for them and for the rest of the Americans that have fought in the past and are fighting for my freedom now.

    I find it so odd that those who are against the war, who claim to want peace, don't so much promote it, themselves.
  7. I'm wondering why everyone's so sure they won't be drafted just cuz they're female. the military has changed in a lot of ways over the years and one of them was allowing women to fight. Laws and views can change so don't count on anything.
  8. If women can be put in infantry and fight in a combat situation, then let them call on me...I'll do it. I'm not counting on not being allowed to fight, in fact, I'd be more discouraged by not being allowed to do so.

    You're right, things do change...people change...laws change...ideas change...thoughts change...I once hated my country...that changed.
  9. Ok lets say someone shuves a gun in your face and it comes down to kill or be killed how human would you be then.
    killin is easy after the first time and No I'm not psycopathic or Homocidal I'm a hunter blood and guts dont bother me and life is just a roll of the dice you either live or you die and when someone sticks a gun in your face what u gonna do
    when someone tries it on mee they choose to die.

    Just imagine, bush sittin here, blunt in hand, giggling and thinking to himself.. cottons, shutup n smoke some g13.. lol
  11. Those who do not want to fight should have that right.

    I believe that you should choose to fight or not. I also believe that if you do not want to fight for what you have then you should loose it..

    I fight for something every day.

    It maybe the life of friends or kids down the street. Hell I'm fighting for each and everyone of us now by trying to get weed decriminalised.

    There may be better places to live, but I don't ssee anyone going to other countries.

    This is just my opinion..

    What if Saddam did send biological warheads to the US and killed our friends and family. Would your views be the same??

    What if he was behind the towers and he sent small pox to this country. Would you not care?

    I think we need to take a look at the way things are over there. I wouldn't have wanted to live there even if war wasn't ever thought of!
  12. I would go. Not for any other reason then me having too. The way i figure it, we're lucky. Many other countries have a mandated serive time in the military for every citizen in the country (and yes that means you too ladies). It would deffinitly be an experiance.

    Though after i recieved the drug test, they'd either lock me up or burst out laughing....... so im not worried much....
  13. Half the people here wouldn't have to worry about being drafted after the mental evaluation... LOL!
  14. you guys don,t get it ,do ya ???There should be no need for war in the first place.lF,such an amazing word.
  15. critter i think they do get it. the war is soo way started theres no stopping it. i know every one of wishes it didnt happen,WE had no choice.
    id fight hell to protect the the future of my children.
    but i think im too
    and at the very least crippled

  16. Do your duty as an american and go to war or be locked up for smoking weed. I'm so proud :D

    This war is built upon a staggering amount of what ifs. Apparently that's enough for a lot of people.
  17. I'd run. I'd move to canada, better smoke there anyway.. no reason not to.. I hate texas it fucking sucks
  18. quit actin like US is war country. i can name many other countries that are always at war and where do u go saying US is supposed to be peaceful. we dont get fucked wit thats what u should know. i wish was drafted so i could go put a death count on about 500 iraqi's. its Manly nature to like violence and if u dont like it then u aint 100% man.boyyyy
  19. id go to a cave by the ocean and grow and smoke and sell weed, it would be cool. fuck the war, ill be fine without one
  20. Fuck the Draft, and Fuck America, the govt so messed up, they do fucking stupid things and go to war over it. Id take that draft and tell bush to cram it up is ass. I hate all that patriotic garbage on tv, after 9/11 all of the sudden everyone had to have an american flag, america is so senile, im no patriot and thank god im not.

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