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Discussion in 'General' started by livin_large609, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Today when i was stoned an old school chum(not chum more like enemy) came up behind me and started kicking my legs out and threw a punch at my face. I acted fast and locked up his arms before a friend broke it up. Im strong but the only thing im scared of is getting hurt. I need solutions for this fear, and like, ways to make you tougher. Does punching yourself in the face make you tougher or what?
  2. I don't think fighting is the answer to anything..

    Fear, used the right way, is the best thing to have in a fight..

    A man is afraid of being hurt he will protect himself in waht ever way possible.

    A confident person doesn't think he will get hurt, But a person who is scared uses his fear to save himself.

    Just be smart. Don't get into a position where fighting is the only way out!
  3. I doubt punching yourself in the face would succeed in making you anything other than looking just a little on the stupid side. Don't do that man!

    What Bud said.

    Stay outta trouble, but if it comes, defend yourself by any means possible. You might be surprised that it does'nt hurt as much as you think. Some of the worst fighting wounds I ever got was teeth in my knuckles. But that when I was young, dumb and full of c*m. I'm getting a little long in the tooth these days, so I'll just shoot 'em now.
  4. It's not about whos the toughest, Practisisng martial arts with a good teacher gives you the knowledge and understanding how things happen. Stuff like how to know what the "enemy" do before he does it and total controll of your own body. I don't do them myself but a lot of my friends do and they're pretty confident.
  5. i got a bit scared every time iv had a fight and i did amiture boxing 4 a wile and fear is the best thing to have in a fight as the others have pointed out it protects you i have started this hole meditation thing and in a fight it helps alot you can block every thing out but the apponent and you can block and avoid punches more as you see floors in the way he fights leveing himself open concentrating on what he is doing to that extent makes you forget the pain for a wile and gives you an efective energy efficent punch as you can avoid his blocks and you will be able to last longer then him

    all said and done avoid the fight at all costs its better in the long run if people never see you fight thay will underestimate you so if it ever boils down to a fight you can take them by suprise
  6. why did your 'chum' do that?

  7. This is a great way to lose fights.

    confidence is about the most important thing you can take into a fight with you.. if youre scared or think youll lose, you WILL lose, guarunteed.

    You need to rush him, throw the first punch, and not stop until hes either unconsious or restrained somehow. dont even give him a chance to hit you, and you wont be hurt. if you land a hard first punch to the nose or eye, your opponent will be blinded and pretty much unable to defend himself against your flurry of punches to the head and stomach :)
  8. Just stay in shape so if it comes down to it you can hold your own...intimidation is a good thing. Then you won't have to fight . . .but eventually sometimes you have to face you enemies and when that time comes you'll be prepared. Sometimes, back in high school, I would use my wit to get me out of tough situations. Use your head when it comes to sticky situations when you don't have a chance, humor helps.

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