Fight Fight..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by boredjim8, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Wasnt an AMAZING fight but none the less good one..

    k were at lunch and a gir .. idk name so well call her ashley.. ashley goes up to rachel and throws food in her face and they start talkin shit.. i thought it ended after that..

    about 3 minutes later rachel walks up to ashely and punches her in the face then ashely grabs her hair and they get pulled apart buy the adminastrators of the school

    hahah chick fights ;P priceless
  2. o shit we had a great chick fight girl 1 is fighting girl 2 girl 1 stops, girl 1's friend starts fighting girl 2 and girl 1's friend proceeds to get here head slammed twice into a brick wall by girl 2 and you could hear girl 1's head get smashed into the wall made my head hurt
  3. awwww i h8 hearing that sound^^^^^^^^
  4. CHICK FIGHTS R DA SHIT :D dont ya love it wen they start rippin eachothers tops off :p
  5. I haven't seen a nice catfight in quite some time. Some girls can really lay a beating, so sometimes the fights are intense.
  6. a commercial on tbs: "what makes every movie GREAT?................................. CATFIGHT!!!"

    haha for some reason it is just fun to watch girls fight, actually watching anyone fight is fun

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