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Fight at Whataburger

Discussion in 'General' started by hiimhi, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmzpcTm0yLc[/ame]
  2. Its pretty funny how he talked shit to everyone and said he was gonna beat all their asses, but didn't say a damn thing to the big ass black dudes standing right next to him

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    I havent even watched the whole video yet...but C Stone the Breadwinner? lol

    off to finish video

    edit: epic
  4. C stone the breadwinner.

  5. Looks like he was attempting to arm bar that fat guy.

    Only in Texas.
  6. "that is 'merica" LMAO
  7. why didnt you just give him a cheese burger?
  8. all over a cheeseburger...why cant stuff like that happen here...hahha
  9. its always funny when the skinny dude beats the bigger dude up hahah
  10. ahahaha fat dudes shorts got pulled down....

  11. reverse armbar...normal armbar the hand/arm would come up between the legs and waist/hips breaks the arm/shoulder
  12. Why do they continue to take orders and prepare food while people are fighting in their store? What!?!
  13. looked more like a kimora.

    but lol at the hood rats that get in fights at fast food joints. only a true fat ass gets that angry over a cheese burger.
  14. ya when he had his arm head tucked but when he was laying over his shoulders it looke d like a fail armbar
  15. he should have crucifixed him, then kimora break his arm, then proceed to punch in the face
  16. Merica ... Fuck yeahh!!

  18. Hahah that shit was hilarious, I didn't expect that smaller dude to hold him down like that and shit

    Paul Wall looked high as fuck at the end
  19. "fuck you!, Fuck you, and your cheeseburger" LOLL.

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