fight at the eagles/chiefs game

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dkronnagel, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. ok, so im a chiefs fan who lives in philly, so i went to the game today with my priest holmes jersey and my hat... so as they were goin into halftime i went down to yell at them 4 losing. and then as i was walking up, this asshole says to me "nice muscles priest" so i said to him "you need some rogaine receding hairline." and as i walked back to my seat he still was talkin shit and he walked up to my dad and pushed him. so i grabbed him he threw me down and lost his balance and fell in the row. and i socked him in the lip splitting it and gouged his eye. he got kicked out and we left by the end of the 3rd cos the chiefs were gettin their asses beat.. i coulda realy messed him up had the 300 pound security guard not grabbed me but all in all a fun brawl.
  2. Ill look for it on ESPN
  3. thatd be awesome if it were lol but i sincerely doubt it
  4. yay for dumb violence for no reason
  5. i cant believe u didnt get kicked out...i work at gillette stadium where the Patriots play and just got home from working the game...if that happened in our stadium you would have gotten kicked out too
  6. I think he didn't get kicked out because Philly fans are notorious for being assholes.

  7. he shoved my dad... if u wont ride for ur dad id hate to be ur friend man
  8. hahahahaha did you even read the story?
  9. Foreal. Who wouldnt. Apparently this joke of a dude.
  10. That was a good game, I'm a huge Eagles fan.
  11. Well I'm really self-conscious about my hairline. That crossed the line, bro. :(
  12. QFT, I remember when I used to live in philly and go to eagles games people would be yelling and trying to pick a fight with anyone wearing another teams jersey. Especially if its an eagles and cowboys game you better not show up with anything related to cowboys or you're almost guaranteed to get roughed up regardless of age, sex, or race.

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