Fight Against Internet Censorship TODAY!

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    Please just click the link and follow the instructions. All it takes is 30 seconds of your time to help make a difference!

    EDIT - Here's a video that describes what exactly we are protesting.
  2. Land of the free...:laughing::rolleyes: no one can argue that the US isn't now a very corrupt shell of a country.. I signed it
  3. I filled out the petition and called my congressman
  4. signed. if this passes i may just stop using the internet all together
  5. I just shit on my congressman's porch.. Fuck this country right up the butt honestly :mad:
  6. Signed. If passed I may also shit on my congressman's porch. I urge you to do the same
  7. Also signed. Not like any of this will make a difference, if the internet gets censored there will be riots, no doubt. The internet is one of the very few places where the government doesn't fuck with us lol.

  8. Gonna have to wash my bandana.:cool:
  9. There wont be riots. The media will play it off as a smart and beneficial move that will endlessly help Americans and people will buy into it.
    shit's gettin' real

  10. And that's why there doing this, they have realized there is a corner of the field they cant torment and control there cattle, so there putting guard dogs and camera's there to :eek:

  11. Oh come on, let's get real for a second. Riots don't start because the media portrays something to be a bad decision, riots start because the people are sick and tired of the government. No one provoked the Occupy movements. And not to mention pretty much every single person born in the late 80's-now are very consumed in the internet. I think a lot of riots would emerge.

    Not to mention Anonymous would flip shit XD
  12. I'm 100% positive there will be work arounds if this bill is passed. I have a few things in mind incase it does happen, but I sincerely hope it doesn't. Fuck corporations, they don't deserve power.
  13. If this passes we should all protest by hauling our TV's to the curb.

    Legalize the INTERNET!!!! :mad:


  14. They gave already tried to pass like 2 identical bills already. Of coure they will, there bent on controlling the internet. They will try and try until they remove the internet all together.

    Did you here about the internet kill switch one ? Yep that's just another one they have tried.
  15. Its only a matter of time before they censor the internet anyway. How long do you think the government will allow such a unbelievably free media with no censorship to go on?

    Ill be telling my grandkids about the days of the internet, with no censorship.
  16. Come on guys, just move away do you see other country's apart from a few very corrupt dictator ships censoring the internet ?? no..

    Move to another country, why be supressed by a neo nazi bordeline dictatorship ??? when you have the choice to move to a better country, move before they ban that to!!
  17. Sorry, but i'll die here, guns in hand, before i move anywhere but Canada :laughing:
  18. So you morph your future around "can i have a gun" why, why do you feel a object designed to kill people it so dearly important to you that you decide to stay in terribly corrupt country :confused: I just don't understand. :p

    And they WILL take away your guns, that will be the last thing they take away so you stay...and then it will be to late :eek:
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    I don't know. I think what would happen would be they do it, and the media plays it off as a great thing. A large portion listen to the media but are still a bit flimsy on the subject. Sorta like "Oh well it's pretty shitty and I don't like it, but it makes sense". The remaining will be "fuck that". Those "fuck that" people MIGHT do something/try to do something.

    It wont be rioting.. and if it is, it wont be effective. Something like rioting will only make the people saying "fuck that" look bad and reinforce peoples idea that it's not a bad thing in return..

    Hopefully it doesn't work like that. I'm a pessimistic person sometimes.
    Because we're America and the "American Dream" in my opinion is freedom. Loads of people have given up their lives with intentions that we could live as freely as possible. If some fuckers in office try to take that away from us why should we in return have to say okay and if we don't like it leave our home? If it's corrupt why not fix it rather than run from it? Because anywhere people run to, the corruption, if continued, will spread because it works. If people don't stand up for themselves others in power can do what the fuck they want and will continue doing it regardless of what damages it does. You gotta fight something like that in my opinion. Hell, today already if you go to another country you're still going to probably live under America's political influence, so it's hard to escape.. and that's only gonna get worse in time

    Granted it's not time to take up arms just yet. But that day might come, who knows?

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