Fifa 13 is a broken game

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    In my personal opinion Fifa 13 is a good game but it's broken well beyond repair, such as the contain defending mechanics, they really should get rid of the holding x/a to defend, it's so aggrivating it's unbelievable.
    The goalkeepers are a joke and i know they are not known for using their feet, but they are still football players and surely know how to kick a flamin' ball, the amount of times where i've cleared the ball and it's gone no more than 10 yards away and straight to an opposing striker.
    First touch is extremely over exaggerated, if any one of the players on this game made awful first touches from a really greatly weighted pass in real life every game, they'd never play again, EA have tried to make it 'realistic' and gone too far with it.
    The defenders, there's only one thing wrong with this really, you only have the option to control two defenders at a time, and what do your others do, nothing. 9 times out of 10 they are letting strikers just run past them and receive a through ball, then pass along the box and score.
    The ref is too inconsistent and too quick to blow and show a card, when i get tackled i shouldn't be given a yellow/red and given away a free kick/penalty just because the other play fell over after missing the ball.
    Offsides are broken, the commentator constently says that level is onside, yet the game doesn't think this, and im sure the replay for offsides are wrong, every replay my player is at least 1-2 yards further offside than he actually was during live play
    Anyway, i'm done with my rant, let me know if you think i'm wrong
    And remember, this is my personal opinion.
  2. Ughh, Guys and fifa :')
  3. i agree with most of this

    but i do hate the first touch in this game, even players who have great touches take shit ones in fifa and its the most frustrating thing when your player takes a shit touch
  4. It makes me too angry man 9 out of 10 shots get blocked by defenders no matter what , even if their overall is about 50, even if you are about 2 yards away when you press circle they make a miracle block without even sliding

    Also shirt pulling is an offence however every time i sprint by a defender they pull my shirt until I'm near enough at a halt and take the ball , if I'm lucky my guy falls over and I get a freekick but that is unlikely
    Even when they pull your shirt your guy takes a 10 yard touch and loses the ball or falls over if he is going to shoot etc it is so frustrating because it is a foul but the opposition do it every time I am by them with the ball and I almost never get a freekick
  5. fuck this makes me happy im still playing fifa 12
  6. The blocking of shots is definitely a huge problem. But I still really enjoy the game, for me its an upgrade from fifa 12.
  7. Legacy defending is a hoax.
  8. a good game
    2.learn to defend right.
    3.Your bad
    4.You can control your first touch and use it as an advantage(your bad)
    5. You can controll the whole backline, when you see them coming at you with numbers take your time and see where hes most likely going to play it, or control the center back closest to the ball and just back track until he takes a big touch or back track and randomly step to him, your other CB or outside back should be in position if you miss your stab.
    6. I havent had a problem with refs.
    7.... you kidding man? its programed to know when your offsides, the computer isnt making bad judgement, you are.

    pm me for my gamertag and ill happily play yah.
  9. ps3 only here or i would lol
    The one thing fifa does do amazingly well every time from 98 to now is the soundtrack :D
  10. I've only played a friend's game. We have multiplayer leagues and tournaments at my place all the time though, so I've played a lot.
    The only difference I see between 12 and 13 is that the colours are a little brighter and then obviously the kits, rosters etc.
    I can never be doing with people complaining about offsides in video games. Fuck what the commentators say. In real life, yeah, there's margin for error. In a video game the damn thing's programmed to be accurate, it's basically impossible to fuck up without a glitch, and if it was a glitch it would more than likely be way out, not a millimetre... Just a pet peeve of mine.:smoke:

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