Fifa 12

Discussion in 'General' started by bmode14, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. i suck when im high. :(
  2. Cool bro story
  3. does anyone else play?
  4. Awesome game when you're ripped with some friends
  5. Playing high is amazing. Every little step over looks like the coolest move ever haha.
  6. forreal man.. unfortunately no friends are online :(
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    I think I played Fifa '10 today against my cousin, may have been the new one...not so into video games. He fucking rolled me in that game though, pretty fun to play I suppose...numbing.
  8. Fifia is the shit.

    Mexico is ttaking Olympics, just saying,
  9. Dude that game is fun for fifteen minutes..

    After that it feels repetitive, at least to me. Both of my best friends love it though
  10. it's hard as hell online. gettin my ass handed to me. i shoulda been playin more console rather than pc games. mfer

  11. Madden, FIFA, 2k, whatever....

    I always feel like I'm getting good at the game until I play online and get wrecked.
  12. Just finished playing, i'm better when high, much better actually.

  13. :mad:

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