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  1. hi,
    i was just wondering if anyone had any stories about what they have gone through to get weed/paraphernalia or money for it. iv never done anything too crazy. iv stolen money a few times and done homework for money for it. iv also overdrawn my bank account by a lot and had my parents pay it back+the fee lol. i just think it would be interesting to hear someone with an awesome story so post away!
  2. Lol, the most I've done was sell a couple of games to Gamestop for a dub.
  3. sold some ipods to the pawn shop for some dank

    was a good idea

  4. Thats pretty fucking gay.
  5. ^ i can't imagine my parents paying for anything.

  6. suck my cock?
  7. ive actually given weed to a worker at mc donalds and he hooked me up with some grub. :D
  8. haha niceeeee

  9. thats kinda harsh man just smoke another bowl and be chill
  10. yeh im cranky. i havent smoked in 3 days....
  11. thats what im thinking of doing. I have so many ps2 games I dont use anymore. I have a 360 now.

  12. That's pretty fucking inappropriate. It's not gay, it's irresponsible.
  13. you reside in 210?

  14. careful man, theres a lot of people on here that are wanabe mods so they go and snitch to one of the admins so they can get brownie points.
  15. naw i did though man, im from sa-town. I'll be back there in a few months though. You?
  16. SOOOO True

  17. ehh its a tell storey thread not ragg on people u fuckin asshole u got something to say go send him and pm not clutter the thread u prick we have all done stupid things in the past go to hell mr fuckin perfect .....homo:mad:
  18. Man, anyone who would steal for weed should just give up on drugs entirely. Worst I've ever done was sell my Resident Evil: Nemesis and bought Deftones' Adrenaline and a dimebag. Good trade I'd say.

  19. born and raised
  20. bottom line we all make mistakes, ive stolen too and took a step back and realized what i did and how much damage it did this is why im sticking up for the guy , we all fuck up one way or another anyone ragging on anyone for a plain dumb mistake is a hypacrit(sp) to the fullest
    on with the stories

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