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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tommyboy6001, May 18, 2006.

  1. heya guys whats up i'm goin to a field of pot in boulder, co thats rumored to exist this saturday if it is in fact there i'm gonna post pics but i was just wondering if any of u guys have ever stumbled upon some weed just growin?
  2. I was hiking on a small mountain when i came across an exellent grow spot when i looked down there were about 80 burlap sacks with just a stem in them . All the plants were already harvested. but the spot was superb
  3. like in rolling kansas, man i wish i could just be on a walk smoking a blunt and wander in the woods and find a field of weed, i wouldnt take but a pound cause that would be wrong but i figure if i dont take some i wouldnt be able to prove to people i found it, cause everyone knows i can afford a pound of weed
  4. Indeed kansas. It grows in fields on the side of the highway and in ditches. However if it wasnt planted by anyone it contains almost no THC. I have harvested and tried it so dont waste your time with it.
  5. lol
  6. thats pretty desperate to harvest weed weed, i mean if it was good i dont think it would still be there
  7. Best movie ever! "This one time I was reading a National Geographic and saw these people that built a car entirely out of marijuana." "Hey man, do you live alone?"
  8. no its from rocket man, by elton john not that i'm a fag but the thing wouldnt let me put the whole line in it should be burning out his fuse up here alone
  9. do any of u guys live in CO?
  10. What is a CO?????
  11. Ah, thanks.

    Remember, not all of us live in the land of the not so free. Thank God.
  12. we aren't quite free :smoking:

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