Field of dreams, spring 2015

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  1. Ok so this is going to be my first outdoor auto grow, I'm waiting until the weather heats up, likely about another month or two, before I get to work, I have an jndoor project in the mean time under hydroponic grow journals if anybody is interested.
    But down to business. I'm still in the planning phase. This is what I got so far.
    About 10 acres of wooded rural land, two hours from the nearest city. This is a guerrilla grow. The land is owned by someone else, but their presence is practically nonexistent and the house they were building has been nothing but a few posts for the past year and a half. I've been treading the area on nights and weekends and have yet to see any other sign of human activity outside of the owner's leftover construction materials. The land is divided by a long narrow meadow, one side with the house frame and light woods, the other with thicker brush and less chance of discovery. My plan is to either get to digging come spring time and plant roughly 50-75 autoflowers in the night, or drive a tractor over with the post hole digger attached and go to town (mwahaha). I have family neighboring the land and have access to all the machinery and tools I need, as well as easy access to the operation whenever I find it necessary, like before bad weather, during drought, etc. access to water is as simple as hauling a couple five gallon buckets in the four wheeler, brown dirt warrior style amirite?

    Just want to hear any suggestions for strain type, grow setup, ideas, concerns, anything you want to say, please do. I've never done a grow on this scale and could use a helping hand. I'm wanting to grow autoflowers so I don't have to wait until late fall for harvest, but I might add some photoperiod plants later on, April may or so. Prefer sativa strains, but also don't mind an indica if it produces a monster.

    Will post pics of grow location next time I head out there, I'll post anything else I can think of relating to this grow here in the mean time. Don't forget to check out my hydroponic grow journal too, updates and pics everyday.

    Thanks and wish me luck!
  2. There's one thing you should do before spring, and that is to check for low lying areas where, after a rain, there is standing water.  In the springtime it rains more than in the summer, so if you get a lot of rain any plants that you have planted in these low areas will drown.  Don't know what your area is like but this is one thing you should check for.  Before spring, go out there with a couple of stakes and mark the areas that are good spots to plant in.

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