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  1. Radiohead, Beasties to Headline Field Day Near NY
    Mon April 14, 2003 06:19 PM ET
    By Jonathan Cohen
    NEW YORK (Billboard) - As had been rumored for several weeks, Radiohead and the Beastie Boys will headline the inaugural Field Day festival, set for June 7-8 at Enterprise Park in Calverton, Long Island, about 70 miles east of Manhattan.

    Among the other performers confirmed for the event are Sigur Ros, the Roots, Elliott Smith, Spiritualized, Interpol, Liz Phair, Tortoise, Blur, N*E*R*D, and Beck.

    Tickets go on sale Friday (April 18) via Ticketmaster. There are three different types of tickets available: single day passes for either June 7 or June 8, a two-day pass, and a two-day pass with camping. Ticket prices will increase as time elapses. "There is a limited supply of tickets in each price range," the event's official Web site says. "Once the allocation in each price range has sold out, ticket prices will automatically increase to the next price level." A single-day pass will initially sell for $65, a two-day pass for $120, and a two-day pass with camping for $150.

    Field Day will be playing host to Radiohead's first North American appearance since Aug. 20, 2001, in Los Angeles, when the group wrapped a short tour in support of its Capitol album "Amnesiac." Radiohead's new studio album, "Hail to the Thief," arrives June 9 in the U.K. and a day later in North America.

    This is the first major concert event to be held at Enterprise Park. The first Bonnaroo NE festival will be held at the venue on Aug. 8-10.

    What follows is the current Field Day lineup. Several more acts are expected to be added in the weeks leading up to the festival.

    June 7: Radiohead, Beck, Thievery Corporation, Spiritualized, Beth Orton, Interpol, Royksopp, Liz Phair, Tortoise, the Raveonettes, Ben Lee, My Morning Jacket, Gemma Hayes, 22-20s, Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players

    June 8: Beastie Boys, Sigur Ros, the Roots, Blur, Elliott Smith, N*E*R*D, Blackalicious, Peanut Butter Wolf, the Music, Polyphonic Spree, Le Tigre.


    hope i can get to this...just may be...and if i do..OHHH BOY
  2. about 4 hours from here...thats not so bad...I doubt id go, but Ill tell you, Id love to see the roots (edit) and the beasties. lol, the headline!
    OH ok, THATS today. yeah so im definetly NOT there
  3. lol, well im still not there, but Ill tell you im not becauase it, in fact is NOT today...but I was right, Im still not there..
  4. yeah iam prob like 30 - 1 hore and a 1/2..there

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