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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bluesnosedwill, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. A friend of mine has fibromyalgia and I want to help her out and want to give her some of my crop. Anyone had experience of using weed for fibro pain?

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  2. Pain management is a very common use for Cannabis. Indica or Indica dom hybrids, with high CBG for inflammation, and low CBN so there's no couch lock; that's what she wants.
    Granny Storm Crow will have a ton of links you can check out as well. 
  3. Cool thanks a lot.

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  4. Here's a few links for you-
    Pot Popular for Pain in Fibromyalgia       (news – 2012)
    Reefer tokin' seniors in South Florida see pain go up in smoke      (news – 2012)
    Which Medical Marijuana Strains Are The Best For Fibromyalgia?         (news – 2012)
    Medical marijuana may help fibromyalgia pain        (news - 2010)
    Cannabis Use in Patients with Fibromyalgia: Effect on Symptoms Relief and Health-Related Quality of Life         (full – 2011)
    Cannabinoids for Treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain; a Systematic Review of Randomized Trials.       (abst – 2011)
    Inhaled Cannabis Beneficial For Fibromyalgia Patients, Study Says        (news – 2011)
    One in 8 with fibromyalgia uses cannabis as medicine       (news – 2012)
    There are more in "Granny Storm Crow's List". To get your free PDF copy of it, just send me an email (bottom of my sig) or PM me your email!
  5. Thanks Storm Crow. I'm a 41 year old man with fibromyalgia and wicked brain fog. I also have degenerative disc disease L4/L5 and my neck vertebrae are slowly fusing together. I need all the resources I can get. Anyone want to recommend a prime strain they think will tackle this?

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  6. I really like Blue Dream and Sour Diesel for my fibro pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other symptoms.
  7. I've bee doing the research on the fog because of a patient and nothing is proven but if i were to send to in the right direction look at williams wonder for the 1% cbg and cbc along with a 100% witch for me a clean indica usually equals a clear head without the couch lock or the hangover for waking up(personally with all pure indicas). and some daytime that may help would be sour diesel, cindy 99 for a clear uplifted high but if i find a good pain and fog relief for daytime i will let you know and keep an eye out i will prob have a thread once i get a couple of the new gils harvested. i plan on starting a thread with a rick simpson oil process to have a daytime and nighttime medication for my fibro patient.(remember everyone is effected differently, do not expect any 100% indic a to be without couch lock but also never expect every indica to knock you out)
  8. My mom has fibromyalgia and it's so hard to see her suffer :(
    I wish she'd smoke at night with me..

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