Fiance wants me to quit, claims long term relationships can't work with weed

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  1. tl dr-My fiance thinks relationships with weed never work, I need examples of relationships with weed that work. If your in one please reply

    Long story short, I'm American she's Aussie. When she was living with me in America we smoked a lot, then when she went back to Australia because of visa stuff for a couple months we got into a fight and told me to stop smoking because long term relationships can't work when someone smokes weed. I'm living with her now and i havent smoke in 40 days. I'm obviously new to this country so I dont have many friends and the ones that invite me out always wanna smoke. Not being able to occassionally smoke is stopping me from making friends, and her only reason she doesnt like it now is because she is stuck in the believe that long term relationships cant work. So if you are in a marriage or a long term relationship or know of anyone else that is please reply so I can show her it is possible. Please, I need your help.
  2. My wife and I have been married almost eight years and have three kids. There is not a single thing I'd change...well I'd take a winning lottery ticket:eek:

    That being said, it won't work if one of the parties doesn't WANT it to work.
  3. My parents have been married for something near 30 years and my dad smokes..
  4. Dude, it doesn't matter what anyone else says, if she's given you the ultimatum, then you're already screwed. You won't be able to convince her otherwise. You need to decide for yourself whether or not you want to stay in this type of relationship, because you're not going to get her to change.
  5. Tell her to stfu and smoke your weed bro how the fuck can she conclude on something she obviously has no idea of? Better get your balls back before she says some shit like watching sports doesn't work in a long term relationship and wearing a bib makes one better
  6. Tell her baby, Why not just let this one work? If you WANT it to work, then you'll stay with me and work with it. If you don't want it to work, then you will tell me it can't work.
  7. Oh that's a tough one. She sounds like a real "my way or the highway" kind of gal. Look, she needs to understand that People have the right to enjoy life the way they see fit if it doesn't harm anyone else. You don't seem like an everyday smoker so if you enjoy smoking Marijuana once in awhile when you're hanging with your buddies she should be able to accept that. She shouldn't expect to change a person's habits. She's trying to get you to drop a once-in-a-blue-moon habit even if it's the only thing that you can keep with you from your old life and it'll help you settle in better? I call bullshit. Bottom line, she has no right to demand you cease smoking weed, unless it's actually affecting your daily life and productivity. But the reality is that you haven't even smoked for more than a month, and all you want is the right to smoke every now and then with your friends. She's trying to control you, and that should have no part in a healthy relationship. It's your call. I don't think examples of succesful stoners will help the situation but here anyways: Sir Richard Branson, Rick Steves, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Phelps, Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner... and so on. And most these guys are married. Good luck
  8. this! :(

  9. tell her to stop drinking because the relationship can't survive with a drug like alcohol!
  10. Thats bullshit! Me and my girl have been together for almost 6 years. I smoke heavily and we have a great relationship. A good relationship is based off of trust, love, and understanding. Plus it is something that is a part of you. In my opinion if you truly love someone then you love them as a whole, and you don't have the need to change anything about them.
  11. my fiance's parents have been a amazing section of the family and had a happy relationship of 35 years while one of them stopped smoking about 10(years ago) do to her bad lungs

    but their still happy and the wife puffs occasionally :)

    ive been in a relationship that has been long and healthy(4 years)

    were both avid pot smokers
    we go camping
    go out to the movies
    eat dinner
    just like any other couple

    theirs no reason she cant make it work if she loves you ;)
  12. This, and its unfortunate too. You make a personal choice to smoke, and are an adult. Its not crack, cocaine, meth, or heroin and you aint an alcoholic. So wtf is the problem. If she wants to be ignorant that's fine, but its YOUR choice and you probably aren't going to change her mind. You can try though.
  13. ^^^well put^^^
  14. You're willing to risk your relationship with your fiance over a plant................:rolleyes:
  15. Thank you :D
  16. You didn't just say that! :eek:

  17. It has nothing to do with weed and everything to do with principle. Girl's on a power trip
  18. She's not very good at being a girl. She was supposed to wait until after you're married before tipping you off that she's a whack-job. She wasn't supposed to give you time to come to your senses and back out. ;)

    Do you really want to marry someone that's already nitpicking at reasons why the marriage will fail? If you do get married, weed or no weed, my guess is that it won't last.

    If you do go through with it, tell her you want the complete list of her demands now, so you can see what else you'll be giving up over the years and start preparing for it.
  19. dont marry someone that doesn't let YOU be YOU, unless marijuana is directly causing problems in your relationship (like you spending all your money on it or something to that effect..)

    then you need to ask yourself if you really love her or not.

    or just hide it from her the rest of your life like many other spineless men who worship the ground pussy walks on.:rolleyes:
  20. My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 2.5 years and we both smoke bud. She used to be against it, but you just need to show her it's not as bad as she thinks. And even if she never smokes with you, you have to show her that you care and get stuff done (which I'm sure you will based on your post) and not get/be high all the time. Best of luck to ya. Having a significant other that's down to smoke with you is one of the best things.:hello:

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