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  1. I am coming up on the beginning of week 3 of veg. I usually veg for 4 weeks. As it sits now every thing looks fine.

    I have been told by a few friends and articles that I should add a dose or 2 of nitrogen in with the beginning flower nutes.The thing is is that one thing will say in the third week and another says week 4. I am assuming week during week 4.

    I need some opinions on when to do this and what strength of dose to use.

    Also, on my last grow which had a decent end result, my first such harvest since starting to grow, had one problem. The fan and sugar leaves turned yellow way too early. So I was wondering, is it ok to add a dose of N in week 3-4 of flower to prevent this?

    If you need i can post pics later.

    Thank you for any comments
  2. oceans forest is pretty strong soil if you transplant every other week there's no need for any additional fertilizer at all.

  3. I only have room for 3 plants in 2 gallon containers and 2 unknown seeds in one gallon pots. So they are in their final containers. They got put into these from 3 oz. plastic cups, so the root ball was not to big. They have been going that way for 2 1/2 weeks so far. Again for the moment they look good. Just got topped today. I don't want to over feed while feeding enough to avoid the early yellowing. The N was definitely depleted the last time but it was time to start flushing so I didn't know what to do and went the safe route.:confused:
  4. I'll post pics in about 4 hours when i have my camera.
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    if you are in mid flower don't bother adding more nitrogen, just figure either the soil is deficient in nitrogen or your plants roots are unable to access what nitrogen is in the soil for whatever reason (issues with root structure, issues with soil organisms that transfer the mineral and plant meals to the roots, etc.).

    It could also just be the plant's cycle, cannabis hemp is unique among plants in its regenerative abilities in soils. That's why the historic records show hemp planted on the same field over and over with no decrease in yield, and in some instances even increasing yields.. ... alfalfa and deciduous forests being a few other such environmentally friendly plants.

    At the end of cannabis life span, all the nutritive elements the plant holds are returned to the soil through roots decomposition (sometin like dat). leaves will yellow naturally this way..

    rough percentages of total elemints i figger cannabis uses - %60 nitrogen %120 potash %28 phosphorous and %45 calcium/sulpher.

  6. I follow, my concern is they yellowed, really yellowed at like 3-4 weeks into flower and was all yellow by week 6 with 2.5 weeks left before harvest. The bud is good on a couple of plants and decent on the other two. I mean is that too early to yellow that much or is that normal to yellow that early that fast?

    Thanks for the tips:D

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