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  1. Im coming to an end of my first grow, needless to say I did not do great. The 4 plants I have, have all look pretty bad most of the time. Very yellow, brown spots, very cripsy leaves, you name it I had it. Anyway heres what I'm using.
    Perp. 12/12 FS ( 2 new plants go in as 2 come out) 6 plants total at all times.
    3x3 tent (70* lowest temps 80* highest)
    FFOF soil with Perlite 50/50 mix
    600w HPS
    2 clip on fans pointed at the plants
    inline fan blowing the air straight out the window
    The plants looked fine for the first 2 weeks in the soil, (they didn't recieve nutes at this time). I followed the nute guidelines starting at around week 2 at 1/4 strength and gradually increased. I fed them every other watering so
    water-nutes-water-nutes-etc. Also it takes about 4 days before the soil is dry when I stick my finger in (check up to my knuckle) again Water-wait 4 days-nutes-wait 4 days-water-wait 4 days- Etc...
    So heres my questions people that use both FFOF and GH Go Box products do you
    1. Feed as directed? Or end up feeding more?
    2. Feed every watering? I feel like I may have to since maybe food every 8 days is to long.
    3. There is 8 bottles do you guys use all 8 or only the important ones?
    I really appreciate it guys, I just started 2 new plants and they are one week 3 with one feeding at 1/4 str and are starting to lose their green color I don't want a repeat of what happen last time.
    Also I'm posting this in 2 forums not sure which one will get the best results so I apologize if this upsets anyone.

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    I use ffof with the whole go line. Just started using them Ans.I also have big mature plants but I started out with the light feeding schedule on the bottle then once they took in that first feed I observed the results. The light feed was not enough for them. They liked it but I just went ahead and bumped them to full strength. I also use compost teas once a week. Mine are outdoors so if it doesn't rain I water eeveryday. My feeding schedule is this. When I use the compost tea I usually do only water for the next 3 days then general organics on the 4th day. So feed every 4th watering. So I'd imagine that you water feed water feed schedule will be just fine. Just go on up to the light feed or almost the heavy feed. Just cut it down by a teaspoon each gallon if u don't want to use the heavy feed BC of fear of burn. Its all good man just keep doing what you're doing and work up to full strength. Depending on strain and plant size you may have to go over the heavy feed amounts. My plants took the heavy feed and then some.
    Four days seems like a big length of time between waterings. Peoples perception of soil moisture levels are different. I don't ever let my soil get too dry. Never had a problem with over watering and when I check the soil moisture I wait until it is just like it comes out of the bag. Still a tiny bit of moisture but not completely dry. Catch my drift?
  3. Also you must make sure that you are getting a good amount of run off to insure you don't get nutrient build up in your soil. The general organics line seems to be very forgiving. when I just do straight water I soak the shit out of them and make sure to get plenty of run off.

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  4. I make sure I get plenty of runoff, I have been letting the soil get dry before I water again. So I can actually maybe even water every 3 days.
    I think I will try doing a heavier feed of calmg and bloom and the recommended amount for the rest. and if that doesn't work then maybe try every feed.
    My 3 week old plants now are getting yellow patches on a lot of the leaves. And its not just one both are.

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