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  1. Im coming to an end of my first grow, needless to say I did not do great. The 4 plants I have, have all look pretty bad most of the time. Very yellow, brown spots, very cripsy leaves, you name it I had it. Anyway heres what I'm using.
    Perp. 12/12 FS ( 2 new plants go in as 2 come out) 6 plants total at all times.
    3x3 tent (70* lowest temps 80* highest)
    FFOF soil with Perlite 50/50 mix
    600w HPS
    2 clip on fans pointed at the plants
    inline fan blowing the air straight out the window
    The plants looked fine for the first 2 weeks in the soil, (they didn't recieve nutes at this time). I followed the nute guidelines starting at around week 2 at 1/4 strength and gradually increased. I fed them every other watering so
    water-nutes-water-nutes-etc. Also it takes about 4 days before the soil is dry when I stick my finger in (check up to my knuckle) again Water-wait 4 days-nutes-wait 4 days-water-wait 4 days- Etc...
    So heres my questions people that use both FFOF and GH Go Box products do you
    1. Feed as directed? Or end up feeding more?
    2. Feed every watering? I feel like I may have to since maybe food every 8 days is to long.
    3. There is 8 bottles do you guys use all 8 or only the important ones?
    I really appreciate it guys, I just started 2 new plants and they are one week 3 with one feeding at 1/4 str and are starting to lose their green color I don't want a repeat of what happen last time.
    Also I'm posting this in 2 forums not sure which one will get the best results so I apologize if this upsets anyone.

  2. Here is a pic of the new and old.
    The pics aren't great but you can see the one that's budding doesn't look great and the other 3 look just like it. And the younger one has the yellow patching and its happening on both of them.

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  3. I don't use those nutes and never have before but the organic nutes in Ocean forest are only good for about 30 days give or take on how often you need to water and how much and if you ever had to flush the soil. I also use Ocean Forest and do add a little bit extra perlite but not as much as you but I also add dolomite limestone since most base nutes lack calcium and magnesium which plants also need. Don't know if the Go Box has something like a calmag supplement. Indoors with temps in the 70-80 degree range we water on average about every 3 days. I just stick my finger in about an inch down if it feels cool or dry then we water not bone dry though. Its normal for plants from mid to late flowering to have leaves die off but not to many to fast or to early. With that much perlite added I would think that your soil would be drying out sooner then every 4 days.
  4. I use the go box, and feed 1/4 strength every watering after about 3 weeks in ffof. As far as the schedule you really have to adapt to your plants. Lime green leaves indicated a needfor nitrogen, so feed them according to what stage your plant is currently in. If in veg use the grow formula, after about a week or so into flowering use the bloom formula. The rest are really just supplements that you can give based on the plant stage. Root builder for the first few weeks, same with diamond black. The blossom buster ( forgot the actual name) is just a molasses / Carb product to enhance flowering. You can add the marine or bioweed throughout. Other than that Asiatic accordng to the plants, not a schedule.

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