ff nutes ??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tweettwat, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. I have used fox farms trio nutes for my fue last grows and have had good luck, I have always used the directions on the bottles, starting out with a quarter dose till I reach the 4 tsp or whatever per gallon everyother feeding, question is.... I have recently looked at ff feeding and nutes schedual that comes in the trio pack and it says diffrent , or am I miss reading it , in veg it had 6tbs 2x a week .can someone clear this up for me plz
  2. *Bump*...n e one with n e ideas????
  3. I feel like what the package says is too much for a small container with not a lot of water going through it.
  4. I think most people feed every other watering in soil, some people just once a week. I would probably just stick with every other watering. As far as strength, forget what the bottle says. You have to read your plants. Give them however much they need, without over or underfeeding. Underfeeding is generally safer though. It's easier to recover from underfeeding deficiencies versus overfeeding problems.
  5. I water twice a week and my schedule so far is water, water, feed, water, water, feed etc...I could be under feeding but so far I think that I am good.

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