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  1. I'm trying to get Fox Farm. But I see liquid and I also see soluble. I don't know if I get the liquid or the soluble. Please help.
  2. I used liquid.
    If your growing in fox farm ocean forest, you dont need the grow because the soil/micro has enough nitrogen.
  3. Soil or hydro grow and which ff nutes are you going with? The cha-Ching beast blooms and open sesame or the grow big tiger bloom and big bloom? Which are you looking at?
  4. It's soil and looking at open sesame, beastie bloom, and Cha Ching. All soluble
  5. Yep that's a good one they are like crack for your plant!! You will like that stuff!
  6. Alright is there a specific way to feed my plant with the soluble nutes?
  7. Mix with water and feed once a week at 25% strength.
  8. Thank you. You are helpful and this forum is very helpful :)
  9. No prob best of luck with your grow and you will love that stuff water with only straight water for the first 2-2.5 weeks then you can feed the plant with it and only feed it every other watering and only once a week. Wait till you see the difference in before and after you feed it
  10. Oh I will thanks for the advice.
  11. No prob good luck.

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