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  1. OK, so I have a local hydro shop, and the guy is incredibly knowledgeable, I've talked to him a lot about different things. While I've never told him I grow MJ, I'm basically sure he knows that I do. It doesn't bother me, he has no personal info on me, and besides... he owns a hydro shop, I'm sure he's cool ;).

    I like Fox Farm products, if only because they're the only ones I've ever used, and because I've gotten great results from them. However, I grow out of hydro and soil. Depending on the plants (sometimes I grow autos, and generally skip Grow Big, and just use Tiger Bloom) I use three nutes, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom. Like I said I love them, and am not really interested in switching to something else. I don't use any of the other stuff because all I'm looking for is something dank to smoke on, not trying to win an award ;).

    But anyway, I have a serious question. It occurred to me the other day that FF offers their nutrients for soil AND for hydro, and that they use the exact same name for both of them. I asked the hydro guy at the hydro store and he said you can use them for both.

    I didn't ask him why he didn't carry both, but I was wondering if there really was a difference, and what the difference actually was.

    So the main question for the TL;DR version:

    1) Can I use Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom for both hydro and soil, assuming I am using the soil versions (because they don't say anything specifically about hydroponics on them). Or should I say, does it really matter, I seem to get good results from it.

    2) What is the difference between them, and why does it matter (assuming that it does). The only thing I can think of is that the hydro solutions are a bit more water soluble. The ones I have now do mix in the hydro, but they def cloud it up a lot.

    3) If it's safe to use the same kind for both, would there be a real difference between the soil/hydro solutions, or is it not worth the effort?

    Basically I ask this because I want the best out of my plants. And because if the dude carried them in the store, I would just buy both the soil and the hydro, but he doesn't, and I would have to order them from somewhere.

    Any insight is very much appreciated!
  2. I believe the big bloom and tiger bloom can be used for soil and hydro. The grow big has a soil version with a 6-4-4 ratio and the hydro is 3-2-6. It should say which one it is on the bottle.
  3. Just an FYI
    The hydro Grow big bottle is blue.... and the soil is green. The others just come in one formula.
  4. Another bit of info, the directions for hydro can be easily applied to soil, but you are going to want to cut the nute concentration level in half. If it calls for a tablespoon, use half that. You also have to take into account that cannabis plants can do very well with just 30% nutes. I would start at a low level and work slowly up to an ideal level.
  5. OK, good I have the green one. I wonder if the hydro store does have the blue one, and I just somehow overlooked it.

    Thanks for all the info guys, I need to go back today anyway. I did my math wrong and ended up shorting myself on some FFOF soil by about a gallon, and got home and immediatly /sighed at myself when I realized.

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