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  1. Hey guys im about 4 days into 12/12 on my ladies , have a few questions/concerns about nutrients
    I'm using the Fox Farm Trio I've only used the veg nutes so far(FFGrowBig) and recently just got my hands on Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom , I know tiger bloom is for flowering and I have no signs of flowering on my plants yet , but would it be safe to introduce big Bloom this late? Also it recommends 4 TABLEspoons per gallon, that seems a little much for me? I have decent sized healthy plants in just under 5 gal pots any info would be much appreciated !
    P.s. I've seen alot of bashing of foxfarm but it's all I got but I'll say FF ocean forest and FF grow big have been amazing to me .
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  2. You can stay on grow big for another 10-14 days as that is still considered veg as she stretches.
    I tend to start at 1/2 the recommended ratio for the first week or 2 of flower then start pushing them hard.

  3. Nice thanks for quick response! How do you feel about Big Bloom this late? I've seen people say they use it throughout the whole grow , I just feel like since they are not used to it , it might shock them? The npk is really low .
  4. I flower for a full 10 weeks so you're still very early in flower IMO.
    I mostly just feed in veg and let the rich organic soil do all the flower feeding needed.
    We all figure out what fits best for our own grow style and location.

    Veg inside under T5HO and then I flower outside in the ground year round in the warm Southern California sun.

  5. I started 12/12 29 days ago, I gave them alaskan morebloom 0-10-10 half strength at abiut 2 weeks after 12/12. I will give em bloom 1 a week. But the Big Bloom is way lower than mine. Good to give every watering.
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  6. I'm looking at the chart;
    Are you mistaking teaspoons and tablespoons?
    Soil? Must be a different chart.
  7. Nope word for word back of bottle : General Feeding: 4 tablespoons per gallon every other watering

    Grow big is in tsps though maybe that's what you seen
  8. Quite right.
    There is a chart available, at FoxFarm, for the trio, in soil, that never mentions tablespoons... that I can see.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I never follow the chart......I had one of my grows completely burn up with nuts.
  11. It’s overkill. When using FFOF soil you don’t even need nutes for the first few weeks and they have you throwing excess nutes right from seedling.
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  12. True that. Its all trial and error with nuts. I always start with 1/4 strength.

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