FF Happy Frog Ph is Low.....please help

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  1. After months of trying to balance soil ph in mixtures I' ve
    made from commercial soils I ve switched to Happy Frog and my
    run off is 5.5. I flushed heqvy with high ph water (9.0)and it won't get
    over 5.8. Don't know what to do.my hydro guy kept telling me to quit
    Screwing with cheap soil and now my ph isway to low. Any input would be
    greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance........stacy
  2. Bump*I see where one other member said he added two
    tbs of dolomite lime to a gallon of h2o and it worked wonders.
    Should I try?
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    Yes use dolomite lime. I used a total of 4 tablespoons in a 12x12 square bucket to go up 1 PH. I still use it regularly to maintain PH in FF soil.
  4. I dissolved a couple tbs of lime into a cup of water and
    then added it to a gallon of water. Watering with this I
    got the run off up to 6.0. I will continue until I get 6.5
    and then monitor it from there.

    Thank you for your input! I
  5. I use fox farms tiger bloom and it knocked my water ph down to 5.5 so I dressed the top of my soil with ~.5 cup per gallon of lime and the runoff is 6.2-6.3 every time.
  6. Yeah I've used both FF Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom and noticed it lowered the ph of my water.

    Today I measured the ph of the runoff and it's 6.5. Now hopefully my plants will jump instead of yellowing from
    the bottom and stunting their growth.
  7. Yea man good luck. It says on the tiger bloom bottle "formulated with a low ph to maintain stability in storage and keep micronutrients available."

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