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    First time grower, and not sure about my techniques. I've gone through many guides but haven't really found what I am looking for. I thank you in advance for any helpful advice, and also apologize if these things have been answered elsewhere. I am overwhelmed with information and it is my first time, so I am looking for a littler guidance.

    1.) Watering to "30% run off"? Does that mean every time I water I should pour water in until it is pouring out the top of the pot? Doesn't sound right to me.

    2.) For seedlings, should I water every day? So far I've had 2 seeds not germinate, and it looks like 2/4 of the left over plants are dead. One has a brown shriveled up stem coming from the seed shell, hoping for the best but not holding my breath. The other had some green leaves poking out but water was neglected and the leaves have shriveled up, but are still green, so i am hoping for the best on that one.

    3.) I have a 120V/60Hz lamp, how many plants can be supported by that? I planned on having 4 plants but based on what I am reading, that will not be enough?

    4.) I want to try low-stress training or the screen of green method i believe. I am growing my tomatoes in a small closet with permanent shelves. Once they get tall, shelves will block light to lower areas, and horizontal space is also somewhat limited. The idea looks pretty simple, and seems like it would work better for my situation, no?

    5.) I am about 90% sure that the seeds in there are all either Blue Dream or White Widow. Anything I should keep in mind? I know the BD might not work out due to being somewhat needier as it is sativa, correct?
  2. al i know is that number 3. one lamp sounds like some lamp you found in your house will not support 4 plants. you would want a 400w system or higher
  3. 1.) "Runoff" is water that comes out the bottom drainage holes.

    2.) Once the sprout has popped through the soil you want to begin cycles of wet/dry -- water thoroughly when you do (until you get significant runoff) and then not at all until the soil dries out a bit. Post some pics of your plants, sounds like they are too wet or too dry but can't tell.

    3.) What kind of bulb(s) are you talking about? It's the bulb that matters more. Having said that, a single lamp won't cover even one plant unless it's a HID lamp or unless you are using a bunch of Y splitters.

    4.) MJ is a sun-loving plant, you don't want to block the light.
  4. Hope this helps
  5. Thank you all for answering my questions. I tried to take pictures but all I have is a crappy cellphone pic so the only one that came out was the picture of the healthiest one...


    another was in similar shape but has since shriveled up. Another is almost certainly dead, and the last looks somewhat healthy but hasn't sprouted, it has only germinated.

    So, follow up question, EVERY time I water I should do it to 30% run off? When we have been watering there has been NO runoff, so that's probably what killed em.

    the pots we are starting them in:

    ALSO: double checked the bulb, 125 watts, will that work for two if I use the sea of green method? And was bought at a grow store just for growing plants...

    Total set up as of now,

    Much appreciated for all your responses, thank you again!

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