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  1. This is my first grow and I got 10 babies that need to be transplanted into the ground or bigger bucket within a week. For soil im doing 30% peat moss, 40% mushroom topsoil, 20% natural soil, with bone/blood meal eventually when they mature more, but one the things I'm on the fence about is perlite. I have done a ton research and studing just like everyone eles and everything I read says to use it, but everything i read has very little information other than to just use it. So I turn to use GC... if seasoned growers can anserwe them that be a huge help.

    How much should I use for one plant? and should i mix it with all the soil and make a near even amout everywhere? or how do you apply it?

    Is it worth the money and do u suggest I use it?

    At Home Depot it's a 2 cu. ft. of Therm-o-rock perlite for 17$ or a Miracle-gro 8 qt. perlite for 4$. Which one should i get? Is the 2 cu. ft. enough for 10 plants.

  2. Going to be honest, my first year of growing as well.

    Planted 20 plants, experimented with tons of soil mixtures
    and found that perlite is practically a MUST HAVE.

    I've been on the forum for a while now and If I got a gram
    every time I saw an experienced grower talk about how they
    use perlite or vermiculite ( does the same thing ) in their
    soil, well.... I wouldn't be growing. Ha ha ha

    Overall man I def suggest perlite or vermiculite, and yes, use it
    in the soil evenly, just mix it in with the mixture you have in a
    garbage bag or something. Make sure it doesn't rip while your doing
    it or you'll be in bad shape.

    Again, I'm not an experienced grower and it won't hurt my feelings
    if you need another opinon, but I am positive perlite would
    benefit you greatly in making your soil a little more airy.

    Happy Growing man. GL!!!
  3. Thank you man that was very helpful but u forgot to mention how much to use per plant?
  4. I would ditch the mushroom compost as it is notorious for coming from bad sources and also being very hot so it burns the plants. You would be better off with worm castings they are a much better choice as it conditions the soil while providing non-burning nitrogen and many micro nutrients as well as beneficial bacteria and fungi. I plan to top dress my girls outside with worm poo and then water them twice during their lives with a potent worm casting tea. ;)
  5. Where do u get worm castiings?
  6. any place that sells regular gardening soil, plants, etc should have it. I know Orchard Supply, Home Depot, and Lowes would be the first places i would check.
  7. I use 25% perlite thoroughly mixed into my growing medium to provide necessary air to the root systems.

    25% perlite
    25% fortified potting soil
    25% peat moss
    25% decomposed cow manure

    Yes. Especially if you're growing outdoors where summer temps can turn dirt into brick like consistency.

    Those prices sound a little high, four cubic foot bags are the norm at farm supply stores and most nurseries. Here in Oregon I pay $16.95 for a 4cf bag of agricultural grade perlite. I suggest getting on the telephone and calling around for prices to save some money.

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