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  1. Please help me with my questions and not saying read the guides. Im reading some guides but im thinking the space on the grasscity server to put this thread up and help me out would save me time and money.

    So im thinking about using bag seed and trying to get a nice grow off of that.

    1.Can i use a 3-5 gallon bucket the whole time growing?? So i dont have to transplant?
    2.Do i need to buy expensive soil or miracle grow works?(With out the nute balls)
    3.I have a good idea of using the 6500k lights. Like putting 2 on the left side of one plant, one on the top on on the bottom. 2 in the middle same fashion of the top and bottom and 2 on the right side of the 2nd plant.
    Then change bulbs for flowering to the 2500 or what ever they are CFLs?
    Would that be acquitted light. (they are 23w bulbs at 100w)
    4.Do i need to use nutes or can i save some money by not getting nutes?
    If i need nutes is there not main brand fox farm nutes?
    5.Would the emergency blankets be a great way to have reflection?
    6.Would the smell be that bad that someone would notice? If so would air fresheners be ok or would i have to go and get some sort of gel?

    Im working with a closet around 6'x5'6"x~1.5-2.5'.

    I just want to make a grow to show my brother i can be as good as him and his friends. They are trying to grow some kush plants hydro...

    Thanks in advanced.
  2. Wow, it amazes me how similar a lot of these posts are tonight...

    1. yes you can go start to finish in a single container. A lot of ppl start small and work up in order to allow the root system to fill up each container resulting in stronger root system and thus stronger plants.
    2. No you do not HAVE to use FFOF or any other "expensive" soil, these are just what a lot of us have got good results from. Remember you WILL get out what you put in.
    3. As far as lights go you can use those spectrum lights just remember you need 100w of actual wattage not equivalent light for the first plant and at least 50w for each additional plant.
    4. Can you survive without food?
    5. Emergency blankets will work, so will flat white painted walls.
    6. No air fresheners will NOT work. When they begin to flower you will have odor issues.

    Lastly the reason we say read the sticky posts is because there is simply way more info that any of us care to type over and over already on here, you just have to not be too lazy to look for it. There is a lot more to consider than the 6 things you mention. What about ventilation? Temp? Humidity? PH? Air movement inside the grow space? I'm not intending to come off as a dick, but all of these things are important if you want to get the best possible results. You cant read and learn enough. I learn more every time I grow and hopefully I will continue to get better each time. A big part of this is the reading I do on this site as well as others like it. Anyway I hope I helped, and good luck.
  3. Ive read alot, its just the same things. So i asked in my situation. You didnt come off as a dick. just a person that helps.

  4. 1. Yes
    2. Stay away from MG. Order FF Ocean soil off amazon. Its not that expensive. If your growing do it right.
    3. All sounds good. You will have to adjust but you will figure that out.
    4. Yes you need nutes. How would you like it if no one fed you?
    5. Those work but flat white paint is as good.
    6. Yes it will stink, as they get bigger then will stink more. When they flower they will stink like nothing you ever smelled. It will penetrate your house, and even outside the door. Odor control is a must. Its distinct and instantly noticeable. Use gels, buy ONA stuff it works good. Use Carbon Filters etc.

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