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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by YesICannabis, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. I just started growing 2 weeks ago and my plants are 4-5 inches big. but i fucked up the watering job and i dont think they got enought water. so the bottom leaves (the ones that first grew) started to turn yellowish brown and i can tell there dying. but a few days ago i gave em a good drink and the bottom leaves are still dying but all the other ones are green and growin good. it doesnt matter too much that these leaves are dying does it? also below those leaves are 2 weird shaped leaves. there round, not jagged and pretty small. theyve been there for a few days and they havent really grown at all. These are also dying because i didnt really water the plant too well till after these grew, but what are these? are they the male pollon things and if not what do the pollon things look like and when will i be able to tell the sex of the plant? sorry if the questions dont make much sense but im pretty baked
  2. the first set of leaves on the plant are going to dye off, they are just there to get the plant started, you wont be able to find out sex till you change light cycle to 12/12 until then, u just want your plant to grow, grow, and grow just a little more........

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