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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Stoney BaLoney, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. I plan on doing an outdoor grow next year and a few questions pondered my mind.

    One: On sites that sell seeds they have harvest dates of like "3rd Week of October" what is the general time to plant seeds to harvest around that time?

    Two: My grow will be near a creek, is that water ok for my plants and to make fert. with ?
  2. Mine are going to be done the third week of october and I planted them as clones outside on june 3. I'd probly say preferebly about beginning of may end of april..
  3. thanx for the response, anyone got an awnser for the other question.
  4. If they say done floweing in mid Oct thats when they will be done. It doesn't matter when you plant them the flowering will start when the natural daylight starts getting down to 12/12.. By planting them in June you will give them a nice long veg period so when they daylight hours decrease they will be good size and more yield.. Usually toward the middle of August you will see preflowering..
    If your in a cool climate go with some strains that flower earlier.. Creek water who knows you need to buy a PH tester and test the PH of your water after you add the nutes.
  5. yea i would be carefull about the creek water, a buddy of mine used some creek water last year and it caused some problems with his plant causing him to harvest it early.
  6. thanks for the help, anyone personally used creek water? got any comments?

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