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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StoopheadFred, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Ok so I have a few questions for you guys.

    I love to smoke weed. My friends love to smoke weed. I want to be able to smoke without paying for it, and ever since my dabble in mycology I've been itching to grow something else... something a bit more... green.

    I'm not looking to grow a ton. I just want to be able to always have atleast a half ounce of some super sticky dankalicious bud that me and my friends can smoke on. On a normal day of smoking (few bowls every hour-ish) me and my friend will finish around 2 grams, so I'd like to be able to harvest often enough that we won't be out of our own weed for too long.

    I've got a large space to grow in, but I only want to use a little space with as low power consumption as necessary. A grow cab would be a must, because we 100% cannot have ANY unwanted odors making their way to the wrong nose/noses. Max height is an estimated 4'.

    So, how can I get the yield I'm looking for while meeting my other requirements?
  2. Go to youtube..and use keyword Detroitpink...not Detroit Pink..Trust me its very informative
  3. congrats, you finally stepped into the realm of self-sufficiency. I would do a 400watt grow or even a 250 you could get away with and still grow plenty more than a half an ounce per grow, more like 3-8ounces per harvest using one of those lights. I also suggest sticking to organics so read up on it.
  4. He wants to always have a half-ounce.

    To do that you could either grow enough that you have a half-ounce per week while the grow op is turning another cycle (for example 8 oz harvest to cover a 16-week cycle) or set up a SOG perpetual harvest of few plants to mature one plant every few weeks.

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