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  1. Hey all so I got a couple quick questions I need some help with. I'm going to give you a little background on myself so it'll help answer the questions easier (hopefully anyways)

    ME: 5'11
    140-145 pounds (at any given time)
    Athletic Body Type

    To start off I've been working out on/off for almost 3-4 years now. I always get into it for about 6 months then quit and repeat that process. When I am working out I absolutely love it. The only issues I have is, I am a very visual person. And if I don't see progress happening, I tend to get discouraged, and sort of just give up eventually and stop all together. Then once I look at myself and realize all my work is starting to fade away I'll start working out again.....which has led me up to this point.

    1. What are some of the easiest ways to reduce stomach fat? Now I am not by all means "fat" or even slightly obese. But for some reason I cannot ever get my abs to show. And when I do sit down I have a few small rolls and it honestly irritates the SHIT out of me. Working out my abs is my FAVORITE exercise so I have no idea why my stomach just doesn't look good.

    2. What are some good back exercises with free weights? I try to stay away from machines except for a few that I enjoy but the only machine I've ever found for my back was the Lat Pull Down (front and back). So is there any other exercises I can be doing to strengthen my back? Particularly lower back. I've had issues since middle school with my back so I know it's very weak.

    3. Last question.....most people when they work out tend to do one exercise at a time. Example: I go into the weight room, start off with bench do 4-5 sets of 10 reps then I move on to curls and repeat the process. What I do: I go into the weight room, start off with bench AND curls. So once I do 1 set of 10 reps on bench, I'll go do 1 set of 10 reps of curls. So basically I'm always trying to do 2 things at once. It has actually helped IMMENSELY with saving time. Instead of a 2 hour workout it'll turn into a 1 hour work out yet with the same amount of work. My question is, is this a SAFE route to be taking? I know there are many different ways to workout (building muscle, getting cut, losing weight etc.) but I feel like this one has a balance of all of them. Because I tend to have my heart rate contiounsly up, I also have enough weight to where I should be gaining muscle and not just getting cut. But at the same time since I am going so fast I am also going to be getting cut.

    So if any of you can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. :)
  2. Anybody?!?!
  3. I want you to know I made this account solely to answer your question.

    Ok so first off you're gonna need some dedication. This means time, money (food, gas), and willpower. Also you're going to want to know some things about cooking (its not that hard, we have google nowadays for any and all questions!)

    As for the ab bit, diet is everything. 80% of the battle. If you're a picky eater...well, man up. Foods food. Think of it as Sustenance, and focus on the flavors. They're all delicious once you stop eating candy and all that fake processed shit.

    Cut sugary shit OUT of your diet. Sugar weighs you down, and has no nutritional value. It gets you all energetic for a second, then you crash BALLS and lose all motivation. Get whatever sugar your body needs from fruits and starches. This also means NO FAST FOOD.

    Drink a gallon of water a day. It's just good for you.

    Do Cardio. Treadmill, Eliptical, Insanity workout (no bs, its pretty hard. u can get it online.) or just a jog outside (best option honestly)

    Eat frequently to keep metabolism up.

    Always eat a good breakfast in the morning to tell your body "YO, ITS WAKEUP TIME. GET TO WORK"

    Some staple foods to focus on:

    Beef (not too much tho, red meat is hard for our bodies to digest, weighs u down)
    Nuts (peanuts, almonds [good for the cahk ;)], walnuts)

    Rice (white and brown, mix it up for variety. lil butter, lil soy sauce...nom.)
    Chickpeas (they take a while to get use to, but they're great for u)
    Bread (whole wheat, not too much tho. too much wheat's not good for your digestive system either)

    Potatoes (It's a carb too)
    Celery (attracts the ladies ;) [no seriously, google that shit. its crazy])
    Lettuce (its mostly made of water tho)

    Apples (Organic, the good ones)
    Oranges (always an orange and nanner in the morning. so goooood)
    Bannaner (banana)
    Pineapple (tasty jizzum for the girlys)
    Watermelon (great for the cahk)
    MANGO (so many great things with mangoes, literally cant even name em all. plus they're fucking AMAZING)

    Cut it back considerably. Dairy is great, but its also fatty. 1% milk is always a good option. Lowfat plain chobani yogurts....SO GOOD. Throw frozen blueberries in that shit, lil bit of honey swirled in....yeeeeaaa. Cheese....cut it wayyyy back. Use sparingly.

    As for your back....

    actually better yet your workout methods, dont do them. DO THESE. (If you're not familiar, GOOGLE! YOUTUBE!)

    Day 1 Back and Biceps
    Day 2 Chest and Triceps
    Day 3 or 4 Abs and cardio
    Day 4 or 5 Legs and Shoulders (Legs are VERY important for hormone production. Do not neglect your legs)

    Look up scott herman on youtube for his routines, he's most likely a douche in real life, but he knows his shit.

    Also, stay focused. Get a good playlist on your ipod and boss that shit.
  4. Ok.

    Diet comes in hand with getting abs

    Stick to lean meats and veggies, little carbs
    Eat omelets with diced veggies and lean sausages
    At dinner, stay away from fried foods and carbs

    For sit-ups, I don't recommend you doing it anymore until you have your stomach fat melted. So stop! Sit-ups are proven to Not melt belly fat, just to tone the abdominals.

    I usually would recommend someone to do cardio; run or jog.
    But for you, since you are a visual person, I suggest researching HIIT training. Its high intensity interval training; in a nutshell, its a running exercise and also a weight training exercise.

    What you do for running would be a light warm up and then jog for 3 minutes, and then sprint for 30 seconds as fast as you can run (full speed possible). Then, after 30 seconds of super fast speed, you slow down to a 4 minute jog, and then a 45 second sprint. The interval should go like this:

    3 min jog-30 sec sprint
    4min jog-45 sec sprint
    5 min job-1 minute sprint

    You should never walk or stop, because your heart will lose momentum. Be careful not to overdo it, as if you feel any discomfort, stop and take a break, but as a slow jog, or brisk walk. Don't stop

    Keep it up and you can adjust the intervals as you desire.

    For weight lifting, it is proven to use med weight and high rep to be most effective in building weight. This is because the HiiT training comes in to play. Your muscles need a momentum to build more fibers, so by pushing yourself using medium weight and 15-20 reps, your muscle will exert more kinetic energy.

    Try to take fewer breaks in between sets (20 secs)

    Run alot, do free weight squats and bench presses, but remember proper form. Eat healthy and remember to stretch before and especially after a workout.

    Oh, don't keep working out daily. You have to have a break between each workout day. Workout a max of 3 times a week, but make those 3 workouts as intense as you can without harming yourself. Also, you shouldn't be running more than 5 times a week and don't do Hiit training on weight training days. Those days, do light cardio.

    Hope this helps

    Experience in health coaching

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