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  1. This is my plan so far. Ordered most of everything just waiting on the setup.

    I will be running a 6.5x6.5x6.5 tent with 12 ebb and grow pots. This should be just enough room for them all to get along am I right?

    I will be using a 906 CFM inline fan to cool my lights, and suck through an carbon filter. I will be using a 420 cfm fan for intake

    I will have 1 1000 watt centered, and 2 600 watt lights on each side providing full coverage of the whole tent. These lights will also be on a mover if I can get it working. I just need to find a way to mount the blockbuster hood, and 2 cool tubes .

    so, just to recap, 2200 watts, 6.5 tent, 900 cfm inline, with 400 cfm exhaust.

    I will also have to run two dedicated lines for power. If I turn my opp on I will most likely knock out the power to the entire west coast grid.

    Do you think this is to large to be grown without involvement from the law? You know the black helicopters that come and get you when you do something bad? Please tell me what you guys thing. :confused:
  2. I would say you're good on the size/plant ratio, although it may be a little tight to get around the tent in flower. Your light set up may be a little tricky to get all 12 plants evenly hit, but if you rotate occasionally you should be good. As far as law enforcement suspicion, 1. what state do you live in and 2. how big is your house?
  3. Texas, and 3 bedroom

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