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    Starting my first grow in a few days. I'm going to start with five pineapple-kush assuming that they sprout.

    Going to be using a 1000w HPS/MH lighting system, and the best nutes I can find around.

    How much yield can I expect off of five plants?
    What are some better strains for growing indoors?
    What are some other things I can do to increase yield?

    What type of schedule should I be using? I'm seeing mixed from searches. Some say to flower after 60 days, some before, I would like some personal experience.

    I appreciate it.
  2. Training your plants with lst or scrog will get you the most yield with the fewest plants...you want an even canopy of tops to utilize the most of your lighting..hard to say how much yield anywhere from 2 to 4oz per plant with that setup but depends on your strain, nutes, and how close you can get the light...indica dominant plants are good for indoor because they're short and have highest yield..as for time to start flower that's just personal preference but plan on them stretching at least 2x what they are when you start unless you last/scrog then its maybe a foot of stretch...hope that helps a bit good luck

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