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  1. Okay so I've been reading for days about everything and I'm almost prepared for my first grow which will be outside. I live in Europe, Mediterranean climate which is supposed to be the best for cannabis plants. Soil here is great, very dark in color almost black, rich, full of worms and is known to be the best in country. I have no limitations with height and space. :)

    So apparently the best strains for my climate would be:
    Jack Herer, Light of Jah, Medi Bomb #2 and Royal Queen Skunk XL.
    1. Which strain would be the best? I want plants that would survive long hot summer, various bugs and diseases, and ones that would get high yields(Light of jah?).
    2. Germinate seeds in pots and transplant or put seeds straight to soil? Space between plants?
    You're welcome to tell me about any other strains that you think would be good. Thanks. :inlove:;)
  2. Any of the seeds above would do fine, I've had a great experience with royal queen seeds and got a nice yield ( indoor though ) they were very rugged photos, hard to take down, and I had a broken as fuck ph Meter for a long majority of the grow. My 6.5 was really 5.5-5.3 ph.

    I would start them inside with cfl's ( which everyone has ) and then transplant them once they outgrow the cup. Depends how large you want them give them a good amount of space just so they don't shade each other.

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  3. Thanks for good and fast reply, I dont have any height limitations so I want them to get as big as they can. :D I was thinking to put about 4 feet of space between them. I had plans for automatic watering like constant slow dripping and would that be a problem for plant?
    I'll start them under cfl's probably thanks :thumbsup:
    Also Light of Jah sounds too good to be true, is it really true that I can get 1200g per plant? Other things about it are also great for me so that could be my choice if it's easy to grow and take care of it.
  4. In perfect grow conditions and unlimited growth for 3 season could easily yield lbs on an outdoor grow.
    4 feet should be okay.

    You'll need nutrients. I wouldn't do the drip system because of rain schedules. Watering is ganna be crucial to not overdo it.

    How many plants are you planning on doing? Start small. Not everyone can grow.
  5. What do you mean by unlimited growth for 3 season? I would plant them now around the mid-end of April and harvest in fall, that's how it goes right?
    I have my own organic fertilizer so can I use that or should I buy something else?
    I'll buy pH meter and water the plants with clear rain water from the water well.

    There's not much rain here during summer, I was concerned that it was gonna be watered to much by that system cuz of constant dripping so the soil would never be dry. How often do you think I should water them?
    About 10 plants from fem seeds.
  6. That's what I mean from spring to fall in great grow conditions you can get amazing yields! Make sure none of the fertilizer have weed killer in them. As for watering, they're going to need more in the late stages. Early on won't be much. But when her root system is developed you're talking gallons. I've never done outdoor, but my buddy does and he goes through water like mad because of the surface area. You might have to look into how much you need to give at what stages because it's different than indoor growing.

    I'll ask him now because I'm curious too

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  7. Okay let me know when you get an answer, it would be great to know his water schedule at all stages just so I'm sure how much should I water it. I like everything to be perfect. :D I'll look into it a bit more.
    Do you think I should top them at veg for higher yield or leave them alone all natural?
  8. Hasn't gotten back to me, but yeah topping is fantastic, I'd plant one asap just to start the veg for transplant, so you can transfer on the date you were thinking about starting your seed and already have a lot done in a controlled habitat. It will still flower in the fall.
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  9. Okay so I couldn't find Light of Jah in any European seedbank and was wondering if Royal Queen Amnesia Haze and Big Buddha Cheese from attidute would be able to survive easily and get as much yield as Light of Jah in same conditions?
    Btw. did you get an info from your friend about watering?

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