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Few Questions about Dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sunset_inc, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. yeah watch out for security . i like to fuck them where i live

    but sometimes/places they can get slutty and pull some moves to get you busted (like blocking your car in till the cops arrive)

    but as long as your not obvious you can pretty much do a drug deal anywhere...(yes even infront of the police station)

    just be smooth....(high five money/weed transaction for example)

  2. haha bro that's exactly what I was just thinking. the high five thing lol. that's how I usually get the weed. i'll probably look at it in the bathroom and then just give him a high five.

  3. yeah that sounds good

    you shall be fine
  4. where did you meet him in the first place?? Don't you guys ever know your dealers?
  5. ok it's a fucked up story of how i met him. i was trying to text this one guy by saying "you got any bud? i need some" and then i put in the wrong number and I got a reply back saying he can get me bud...etc.
  6. if the police actually wanted to arrest people who smoked weed they would walk around a ghetto and search black people ( no offense but its the truth )
  7. Wtf......? :smoke:

    I'm interested in hearing more of this story.....:confused:

  8. that's what im sayin. i mean ive always known my dealers, never had to "high five" to get the weed during the transaction.. thats all to sketcy, and the mall? come on.. lol

  9. haha wtf so you thought you may of texted a narc by accident . dunno what the odds of that would be
  10. He is not a cop. It is ILLEGAL for them to sell drugs to you, it is entrapment. Undercover cops buy drugs not sell them.
  11. Okay that sounds a little sketch, more weird actually. But if he's got the stuff it's all good right? Just make sure he's not rippin' you off.
  12. yeah i'd be more worried about getting robbed

    tell us how is goes

  13. exactly...dont forget what i said earlier and overgrow is telling you now.

    just make sure your not gunna get robbed
  14. yeah thanks guys. i just realized how fucking paranoid i was haha. anyways heres what happened. he called me and said he's gonna be around my area in a little bit. so i said cool let me get an eigth ($50) and then I drove to a parking lot. met up with him. got the shit, drove off, stored him in my contacts and now i have a fucking steady connection! HELL YEAH!!!!! And that shit is dank! Smells so sweeeet. I'll post a pic as soon as I get my camera!
  15. post pics asap :)
  16. Tomorrow I'll get my camera, and post some pics. Holy shit, it's good looking!
  17. Just a note to this threads original post... Don't know if this has been said yet or not but...

    An undercover cop will rarely be acting the part of the dealer... most likely it'll be when you choose to sell marijuana that you'll need to worry about undercover police officers.
  18. Your going to jail... for life.

  19. exactly... cops around my area want to crackdown on the dealers... they could give a shit less about pot heads but they have nothing else to do so who knows
  20. not always. Cops can get messages youve sent and recieved even if you delete them. so your sort of fucking them over if they get caught

    but yeah your getting set up for something huge, definatly gonna do 25-life

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