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Few Questions about Dealers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sunset_inc, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Hey, I'm finally getting a STEADY hookup. No more buying once or twice off some random person. Anyways, I've been texting this guy a while and he said he can sell me some bud. Now how do I know if he is an undercover cop? That is what I'm totally freaking out about. If I go to the place where to meet him and I feel bad vibes can I back out or can he still arrest me for just showing up? Also is 100/quarter and 50/eigth good for some mango dank? Thanks.
  2. Uhmm, I've never really been put into this situation before, and haven'thad to worry about it. But I belive you can ask him if he's a cop IF you meet, he can't lie or else its "entrapment". Yet again, you might just piss the guy off, maybe bring it up as a joke. But yeah man, I couldnt help you to much on this one.
  3. Ok, thanks I'm gonna ask him.
    Ok he just said that he's not. So should I still worry? Can someone calm me down please :)
  4. I don't think cops are worried about the buyers of weed, more just the people who seel and mass distributors, like people who deliver pounds to communities.
  5. well first of the price is right if its real mango but if its 50 for an eighth it should be like 90 for a qt since your buying more at once it shouldnt be the same price but its still straight

    and yeah there really isnt anyway to know and im pretty sure if you show up you cant back out because the cop has evidence that you agreed to a drug deal and by showing up with the money you confirm your identity and that you're the same person he was talking to

    but the thing you should realize is feds are out busting kids for 50$ quarters . thats not shit ... its a waste of their time .

    all you need to worry about is getting robbed
  6. Yeah true that, wouldn't be worried man.
  7. If it was a cop, yes he could arrest you for just showing up. I see episodes of cops where they do stings on people for prostatution and all the guys do is show up and the cops come up and arrest him. However i doubt he is a cop man.
  8. Ok thanks guys. I think Im just gonna casually ride by on my bike and just check if he seems like a "legit" guy and continue. BUT WAIT! ONE THING I JUST REALIZED! I just realized that I never said I wanted to buy weed, or marijuana. All we said was 420 and mango dank.
  9. Don't worry about it. The man isn't worried about some kid buying an 1/8.

    Actually, this is a common misconception. A cop doesn't have to reveal his identity as a cop and they rarely face consequences for saying they're not.
  10. dude. really. this is sad. you really shouldnt be ALLOWED to smoke weed if you're this SQUARE. ***** just go get your sack dont trip its an eigth of bud its not a cop.
  11. Dude you makin me LOL relax guy
  12. lol calm down and just go by there. Like others said no cop is gonna go after someone buying an eighth. You just focus on not getting ripped off on quanity.
  13. Cops wont go out for someone buying that small of an amount, but i would start capping small amounts and slowly build up so you don't get robed or anything like that. :smoking:
  14. Lol guy's sorry. I'm good now. I've been smoking for a year now, almost every single weekend. I always get it from different guys, and this dude is gonna be a steady hookup. So thanks for the help. I feel more confident now. By the way what kind of place should we meet at? Like a grocery store or like a mall or something
  15. Meet in front of the 5-0 department.
  16. LOL, ill be sure to
  17. for future reference, you really should text dealers. its a really easy way to get caught and get them busted also

  18. ha you even need advice on where to meet up?

    just go wherever your local cops arent ... duh

  19. *sigh* i've explained this before

    if you make the decision to deal it is your responsibility to keep your phone locked (so people cant look through it) , keep it with you at all times , delete any drug dealing msgs (auto delete setting) as they come , and not to let people go through your phone .

    as a dealer you have to take responsibility for yourself its not somebody elses fault if they text you for bud .
  20. yeah i realized that, thanks

    lol i'll just meet him at the mall

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