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Few Problems and Questions

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mr.Smith, Nov 29, 2003.

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    I have Thrips :(

    All the Signs are there and I even found a larva :mad:

    I ordered Predator Mites & Nematodes


    Tested the PH of MY Tap water today ( Wasn't water day so I just tested the tap)

    PH = 6.8
    Total Alkalinity = 40 (low)
    Total Hardness = 300 (Very Hard) * IS this bad for the plant ??
    Nitrite = 0
    NitrAte = 20 (Safe)

    This was using a Fishtank Test Strip


    Started Adding CO2 today .....Using Charges (like BB gun Type)

    I have Read that you want to Turn off the Fans and seal the Room off (Closet 120 sq feet)

    Leave it like that for a couple Hours .....then Turn everything back on I assume??

    My Normal temps are 80º-85º Ambiant ..... without the fans it will climb pretty high

    Can Someone Help me out with this CO2 gig Clear Directions

    Thanks again folks,

  2. Does Anyone EVER post in here?

    Good Grief

    Anyway , I tested the PH from Run-off after watering just now

    It was 6.2 PH

    Should I up it a little .....or is that nice :D


    She seems to LOVE the CO2 charge 2 times a day
  3. about the CO2, it is heavier than air, and more expensive. Turning off the fans helps contain the CO2. You should place your valves just above the canopy of your plant(s). Some people make a halo out of aquarium hose and poke holes for the CO2 to bleed out and fall through the folliage. I only turn off my fans for 1 hour during this enrichment period. A sensor will tell you more about the CO2 levels in your specific environment, and eliminate the manual labor. Good luck!

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