Few of my JDM cars

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    EnjoyV2 STI 555 Only 499 made I had the only one about N.I hehehe worth about £7000 now. Then a we type r and stang was there and I used to have a Glanza V 180BHP LMAO also had a white Evo 7 - what age are my you say 21 and in the UK most people can't insure any of these until they are 30 lol money money money its a skint man's world lol


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  2. that rex looks like a 4 door 22B. also, the EP civic was my favorite Si model.
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  3. She does a we bit but she ain't no 22B mate a 555 :p proper JDM RHD one, yea the Type R's are OK like but I'd have the Glanza over it anyday
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    As much as i hate the term and how civic fanboy's get all cought up in being "jdm as fuck", heres my jdm car yo, its so jdm that the only actual jdm part is the drivetrain i imported +mitsubishi turbo


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  5. I know what you mean mate but we can actually say JDM because our cars are proper JDM RHD Imports, which most guys in the USA be like 'JDM as fuck' with LHD US made cars which are heavier and less powerful lmao, especially the guys that have 'Acura Type S' and pretend they are a Honda type r lmao like how's that JDM lol should be more like JDM Integra Type R DC2 :p

    That's a nice whip thought mate I've a soft spot for pop up lights! What BHP is it?
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    idk prob around 250 crank, its a 86 aw11 with a 4agze i imported and then put a td04hl on it plus bigger injectors/a2w intercooler/megasquirt etc. its got a lottta parts into it. the lights i made myself, they are morimoto h1 with morimoto rgb angel eyes.
  7. Uh....when did a Mustang become "JDM"?
  8. [​IMG]not bad mate that's what my we Glanza had a TD04L of a standard red coloured1994 wrx lol are you gonna tune it anymore?
    And that there mustang was imported from jap into south Ireland lol that's why it's RHD not to sure if the ones over here are all RHD?
  9. well i mess around with it every once in a while but nahh its a good amount of power for the chassis, car weighs mid to low 2000's and is rwd rear engine so its fun enough, if i want more power i have other cars for that. The power stops being fun when you cant use it and i feel that getting much more would make the car dumb for what i use. i have a td04hl-15t from a saab 9-5 aero and i could up the boost or go bigger turbo but that would affect my around town driveability. I feel like the level im at is where it "feels" the most powerful, anymore and i would never be driving around in the boost range.
  10. Is he speaking english?

  11. nope speaking JDM
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  12. only people i know who drive JDM cars here in America are Puerto Rican or Cuban. the majority of people find them annoying as fuck too. no one cares about your piece of shit 1990's Honda.
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    yah tons of cubans up here in MA rollin around in hondas. Hondas have a huge following and tons of people are into 1990s hondas. Im white as hell and I have a 1985 toyota(pic above), is that a peice of shit too? If you re not into it thats cool but no need to be like that^^^
  14. my first car was a dc2 integra.
    second car was a 92 a31 cefiro.
    my car I have now is a factory s13 silvia. My project car :) Two Tone, gonna lower it , manually convert it and do some other things to it
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  15. Love two tone s13s so sexy.
    And cefiro? Nice!

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  16. Haha I'm in love with the oldschool 70/80'90s Nissans :)

    Heres some photos:

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  17. Some of the classic early 90's Japanese shakotan drifter style, something i've been wanting to create since i was a child.

    Drifting here in New Zealand is big, alot of people are into it ! and importing cars from japan is so easy, hence we have a huge scene on tuner cars.

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  18. Nice style for sure! ^^
    Wish it was that easy to import stuff for us in the US...

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  19. So clean ^my dream s13 right there... All it needs is some ssr mesh and a bit of low.

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