few munchies i just came up with

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  1. :smoking:got the munchies really bad about an hour ago and was reading on a grasscity thread how fun it was to come up with new ideas for munchies so i decided to try it here is what i got outa it

    1: hotdog with craft cheese slices on top (fully covering the hotdog it took me 2) microwaved for 60 seconds and then smotherd in taco bell mild reastraunt sauce (hotsoauce) hands down best munchie i came up with tonight:yummy:

    2: bees wax or somthing like that tuna on 2 slices of bread smotherd in ketchup meh it was ok woulda been better with the hotsauce tho....

    3: i didnt come up with this but i never tried it 2 waffles sprinkled with cinnamion coverd in butter and maple syrup along with smukers grape syrup (refridgerated only!!)

    shit i am gonna have a bad stomach ake when i do wake up lol peace hope u guys havnt tried some of these and if you havnt i highly recremd the first one:smoking:
  2. Yes, even ketchup can't cover up the taste of "bees wax tuna."
  3. for damn sure lol
  4. Ritz crackers with a dab of mustard and 1/4th of a slice of Kraft cheese per cracker. So good. Highly recommended.
  5. thanks will have to try next time i get super baked =]
  6. Some of our fav's

    Pineapple or Seedless Grapes
    kills the cottons

    Edy's Frozen Fruit bars...super yum!

    Homemade Fruit smoothies
    Orange or Strawberry.

    Stay healthy my friends!
  7. thanks =] i have been looking for good ideas for healther munchies (ive gained like ten pounds lol) altho i am still only like 127 lbs

    i bet pineapple is amazing when high:smoke:
  8. Oh yes it is! Frozen strawberries are good too!

  9. not a huge fan of strawberrys but if i think that ketchup and tunna are good high then i would love strawbarrys =]
  10. ok my friend these are called "Crotchoes" Get triscuits, sliced jalapenos, and Deli pepper jack cheese.....place out the triscuits and put a nice thick slice of pepper jack cheese, (gots to be the kind from the deli and the block of cheese they sell) then put 1 jalapeno slice on top, microwave untill cheese is melted, sprinkle with salt and pepper...trust me try this shit it is BOMB...have to do it with triscuits too trust me dude..
  11. sounds good =] will have to try =]
  12. pinkfloyd those crotchoes are some of the best things i have ever tasted high no joke at all they are amazing!!!!

    never been a huge fan of mustard but dude the rits crackers with the craft cheese and mustard are amazing aswell thanks to all of u!!!!:smoke::)
  13. i have the munchies right now and its close to 3 am so i cant make anything
    but my best was a ham sandwhich with honey mustard on it
    it was amazing
  14. yea its always the simple things that are the best =]

    but u gota try that crotcheos idea it is way good

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