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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. 1.when i clone how many clones can i take of one plant?
    2.and when is a good time to clone?
    3.and where should i make the cut?
    4.and after a plant has been cut for cloneing what happens to the remaining plant will it die or just keep growing and start showing buds?
    5.and is it posable to start seedlings in soil and them move them to hydro if so how?

    plz get back to me soon thx.
  2. I take two clones off a plant as soon as I find out they are females you want to use the lower branches not the shitty looking ones use a healthy one the other plant will still continue on in which ever cycle you are in to go to a hydro from soil your gonna have to wash the roots off with room temp distilled water then transplant
  3. so am just cutting off a fan leaf or what part of the plant do i cut could u post pic or image or something plz
  4. I just stole this pick off mellow gold http://www.mellowgold.com/grow/ so i hope it uploads ok.
    mite b worth u goin and havin a look at the growin in rockwool book on ther, when i clone i allways use rockwool then plant it into dirt after if thats wot im gonna grow in but every1 has there own way....

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