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Few months old Dr. Green Agent X the Military

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NotAToker22, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, 
    I just made an account because I have a friend that is concerned about a UA he just took for the military (he's in the reserve). I'm going to call him Jim.
    Long story short, Jim is a combat vet that has PSTD from 3 tours in the Middle East. He's tried several different prescription drugs but has chosen marijuana because it works best for him. He knows the consequences of his actions, but finds it ridiculous that he cannot be prescribed medical marijuana just because he's serving his country.
    Jim went through the hassle and expense of purchasing the Whizzinator (his UAs are all observed) and a bottle of Dr. Green's Agent X. The first weekend drill he had he followed the instructions and inserted the Dr. Green's into the Whizzinator. He ended up not having to use it so he stored it in his closet for about 4-6 months (still inside the Whizzinator) 
    This passed weekend, Jim had drill so he strapped on the Whizz and went in and took a UA. Everything went well (the military doesn't check for temperature, so using a heating pad was unnecessary as he had enough time for his body to warm it up naturally.
    He noticed that there was almost no color to the Dr. Green's when he "peed" into the cup. The inside of the Whizzinator is stained with the yellow color from the Dr Green's.
    The Dr. Green's is NOT expired (it expires next year). 
    The batch number is 091713
    The urine samples are sent out to a lab for testing. Rumor has it that a lot of the samples don't actually get tested and are thrown away because of the costs. 
    His questions are:
    1. Should the sample come back clean even though the color of the urine had stayed in the Whizz?
    2. If there are any problems with the sample, what would happen next? A re-test? A fail?


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