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Few G's of Lemon G... G

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ganjapolice, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. First Batch
    Second Batch
    This little dood lives out behind my apartment and scares the shit outta me when im grilling out there.... little bastard :p:p
  2. Holy shit dank :hello:
  3. i might do that.... a snake-a-bob lol
  4. Wow that bud looks so damn pretty.... im jealous :cool: Looks like a nice rich smoke :)
  5. It looks so ravishing sitting on the grinder...I hope to smoke some bud like that soon :D
  6. Thanks everyone :wave:

    I have had Lemon G once when i lived in cinci and it was an indescribably lemony, floral scent and taste... it is a strong smoke but an absolutely dazing high
  7. b to the ump
  8. yo what the fuck are you guys talking about? eating snakes and shit haha but yeah man i have the same grinder as you
  9. Sick bud bro, the 4th pic is hott, wallpaper status
  10. Rep+ Some seriously sexy nugs

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