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    I got some seeds a couple of months ago (around february) and i figured i would plant this summer but i ended up losing them... for a time. Well the summer is almost over and I just found the greatest spot in the WORLD to grow-- I think. It is secluded but not too far away. the ground isn't really sandy, it is along a trail but the way to it is filled with thorn plants, poison ivy/oak/sumac, stinging nettles and it is hard to find due to the large amounts of vegetation. It receives rainfall weekly but it isn't too close to the river in my area (less bugs.) As well, the only way to get to the general area is by walking or bike and the only way to my soon-to-be patch is by walking-- through the thorns and nettles... yadda, yadda, yadda. It isn't TOO far off thoug so should we experience a heat wave or dryspell i could bring a gallon or two of water. so here is my strategy:

    1. Lie to my friends and say i don't smoke or grow pot

    2. Go this fall to dig up the weeds and other very close vegetation and move (did I mention there is a large amount of rocks and dirt for the moving) the rubble around the area to prevent deer and other animals from bothering my area.

    3. Bring a few gallons of potting soil one at a time to my spot. (I would look suspicious carrying a bag a potting soil right? I can just hide the gallons in a back-pack)

    4. Mix the potting soil well and spread a tiny bit of fertilizer. then mulch the area to prevent vitamin/mineral decay over the winter.

    5. Head down in the spring and mix some more potting soil and possibly some compost/manure and lime.

    6. Spread some seeds evenly about an inch deep in the soil (i buy weed and then save the seeds i find inside so I have like a hundred with about 4 different species)

    7. Water and occasionally fertilize the path I access my growing area from

    8. After the plants grow of a decent size, re-mulch.

    9. Next Fall I return in long sleeve clothing, hat gloves, boots-- the works. Harvest my crops and either make hash or if i can't, just smoke the weed. Sorry! -Thikr

    Any ideas would be great. And i have two questions. I've heard when making hash through the ice-water/blender method, after you get your "smoothie mixture" you pour it THROUGH a silk-screen or reuseable coffee filter. Is there anything else that will work the same, like a silk shirt or a strainer? Because i don't have a silk screen or a reusable coffee filter handy.

    Also I've heard you can grow the fast yet potent "Hydro-Weed." I've heard you create it by dripping CO2 on fresh weed seeds. Is this just urban-legend or is this myth real and as amazing as it sounds?

    Lastly I was wondering if when you make hash out of "Purple Haze" if you get a really strong hash or if it is just more OF the hash. And if I was to make Hash out of Hydro Purple Haze, would that be like-- a cardiac arrest high or just a LOT of hash.

    Thanks and I'd LOVE some feedback.

    Sorry for double post again just making sure everyone gets the message... i figured i'd have more answers here than the "noobie" section
  2. still need some help, thanks
  3. your out door drowing plan sounds great and i can help you with your hash cuz thats my fav way of making it. so it sounds like you got the blending part down but heres another little thing that helps. put a tiny amount of salt in the water befor you blend. the water has to be 32f to get the tricombs off the plant so that bit of salt helps and it doesnt affect the taste at all. i dont use a silk screan. i put it though a mesh filter then depending on the amount a cofe filter or nylon legging. i go and get cofe filters from starbucks because they have really really big ones. i just tell them my lil bro is doing a science project. i use the nylons when i am making alot and they work great because you can just push all the water though them. you can use purple have and make some great has but why waist a strain like that. hope this helps i have made hash this was like 100 times and i turned all my friends on to it as well becasue the hash is so pure
  4. thanks a bunch man, the salt thing sounds like a good idea, and when you said that "you put it through a mesh filter" what sort? thanks again... peace
  5. So you're going to plant them now... September when its getting colder out.. Do you live in the USA or tropics?

    If you're in a northern climate, planting outdoors NOW might be a bad idea, chances are they will not make it thru the winter. You can plant them in May and harvest next october.

    As far as CO2 enrichment. Yes it works to make bigger buds, but not when they are seeds.... Introduce co2 when you're late veg, or flowering.
  6. it was my intent to ready the soil now but plant in late april-early may. and do i use CO2 on the seeds or sprouts or what?!?! any instructions? thanks
  7. you can add co2 to living plants which will result in bigger healthier plants
    never heard of anyone giving co2 to seeds
    hydro is also a method of growing that will grow more efficiently, but doesn't create "hydro weed" like you're talking about.
  8. Yes... i have done more research lately and i have realized "hydro" is hydroponics. but i still dont get what you mean by "introduce" CO2. is it liquid or gas? do i pr it on the plant or spray it? thanks for your help so far. PS sorry about error in my original post bliz!:eek:

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