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  1. This is my first grow and have a few questions, stems leading to fan leavs are turning a reddis maroon color and leaves are showing signs of what appear to be nute burn. The plant food im using is Grow Big out of the fox farm trio ive been using 1 1/2 cap full per gal. If someone could help me out itd be highly appriciated. image.jpeg
  2. Might be a little nute burn, but I wouldn't worry. She looks good, especially for your first time. The color on the stem looks normal to me. I think you're doing fine!
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  3. Hi looks ok love. As above maybe a bit too much nutes but nought to be worried as new growth looks ok from wat a can see in pics. Just keep an eye on temps. Ph and nutes etc.. good luck and ya will be fine love xx
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  4. How old is plant? X
  5. Plant is 2 1/2 weeks in this pic.
  6. Here is an update goin on 3 weeks
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  7. Very nice. Lovin ya vid jornal ... oh just check ya av good drainage too in ya buckets lv so roots keep nice airiated and well drained. But nice one Dutchshlutz ☺
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  8. What kind of soil?
  9. Thank you

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