Few bad leaves, cut or not?

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  1. Started my plants in a small cube,transplanted into solo cups... from solo cups to pots.
    While in the solo cups a few started to have leaves wilt up. When transplanting to the pot I realized the ones
    with bad leaves had roots that were exposed to air inside the solo cups with a open pocket in the dirt.

    Transplanted all plants into FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting soil.
    I'm currently using Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 (using 2 teaspoons to gallon).
    Use the fertilizer every third feeding.

    Plants look great now that they are transplanted into the new soil and pots.
    Biggest question is what to do with dying leaves?
    Do I trim this quickly or let them die naturally?
    Do I trim them right where the leave is (cut a leave in half), right where the leave meets the stem or the stem meets the main stem?

    Also, aside from the nutrients I'm giving them is there something else I should give them to help them recover from the roots

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  2. Lot's of transplanting... fox farm soil comes loaded wit good s$☆# , probably why u got the burn...
    Try a CAL-MAG to get her back intune..

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  3. Also try a base feed two or three part for your veg cycle and another set of nuets for bloom/ flower phase when u flip light cycle....
    If u feed her...she will grow...
    Looking good

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  4. Thanks for the reply and information.
    The burn started in the solo cups where there were air pockets in the soil.
    In the Fox Farm they seem like they are coming back to life and fast! =)

    Should I cut the dead leaves off though? Let them fall on their own, or will they recover partially, etc?
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  5. Fan leaves hold water and energy...
    If they're blocking bud sites bend them down....
    But while you still in Veg let it go and grow...
    Focus on your feed schedule and Air circulation....
    Once ur ladies get a Lil bigger...Nip tuck...lol

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    Ohhh another quick question. I'm using distilled water. Is this a mistake because it lacks all the normal minerals?
    Should I be using tap water and ensuring proper pH?
    Or should ALL the water I feed the plants be the distilled with the Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 in it for minerals?
  7. omg, I just realized... I have a well with a filtration system bahahahah, so my tap water is the best water I should be giving it. Off the distilled, on to filtrated tap... rough I can't believe I didn't think about that<_<
  8. If growing in soil distilled is best on your geographical location...
    After u add you nutrients to water, Check pH and adjust accordingly....
    What is in the fertilizer your using?
    Any grow stores near you ?

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  9. Nicccceee..
    Check the pH of both and compare...
    I would use the best available...

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  10. "Alaska Fertilizer 5-1-1 contains 5 percent nitrogen, 1 percent phosphorus and 1 percent potassium, as well as smaller amounts of essential minerals such as calcium, sulfur, magnesium and sodium. Fish fertilizer contains a lower concentration of nutrients than traditionally processed fertilizers, which means the nutrients are released into the soil slowly and the effects last longer."
  11. There is no reason to cut off any leaves. Any that do happen to die will wilt and fall off on their own.

    Patience is a virtue.

  12. Tap water is just fine. I've been using it for many years. There's no reason to spend money on water. It simply isn't necessary.

    The only time you need to balance the pH of your water is when you are gardening hydroponically, which you are not. Don't worry about the pH of the water you give the plants.

  13. If you are going to continue to use a fish fertilizer, the next time you run out, switch products - and I'll tell you why.

    There are two types of fish fertilizer - Emulsion and Hydrolysate. The Alaska brand that you are using is a fish emulsion, and while it is fine to add nutrients (Elements) to your soil, that is where the benefits end. Alaska brand uses heat to break down the fish in order to turn it into a fertilizer. This heat kills off the beneficial enzymes and bacteria in the mix, leaving only the elements.

    A different and better way of breaking down fish to be used as a fertilizer is to use a cold process. Enzymes are used to break the fish down into a slurry and by not using heat (like an emulsion does) the bacteria and other beneficial components are preserved. This is the Hydrolysate process and is the preferred method.

    So you want a fish hydrolysate and not a fish emulsion given the choice. Neptunes Harvest is one brand that I can think of offhand that uses the hydrolysate method and there are others of course.


  14. The only leaves you remove should be dead and completely brown and shrivelled.

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  15. All new growth is completely green and healthy, I say it suffered nutrient burn, the yellow leaves them eventually die. If all the new growth is healthy and green, just plod along as usual. Everyone makes more mistakes by panicking and throwing this and that at it. It's a plant keep it simple.

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  16. Check out the grow store for a good base Veg nutrient formula...they sometimes have samples...
    I use general hydro or advanced nutrients....
    You should feed every other watering...
    Yeah, the water might have beneficial minerals but for you plants to thrive and absorb what it needs a basic fertilizer.
    Kelp,Potassium Nitrate,Ammonium Phosphate, Magnesium , Earthworm castings... etc (everything in a bottle)

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  17. Your ladies need more...
    Nitrogen (5 - 6%)
    Phosphate (4 - 5 %)
    Soluble Phosphate (4 - 6%)

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  18. Just curious, how old are your plants?

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