Feuding with the NEIGHBOURS!

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    Yup, looks like its on now! Got home from a deadly day of drag races at 1 a.m when we see that the guy accross the street decided that blocking my driveway was the best spot to park since 2 people that live here parked infront of his place:rolleyes: I get how that can anger you but there was plenty of parking close to his house and easier to access his place than MY driveway!

    My dad flipped and called the cops... its now 330 am and no sign from cops.may have uhh "washed his truck" but i didnt want to physically damage this truck :devious: Two can play at this game my friends! since i have about 7 vehicles at my house its not hard to block anyone. pulled my Yukon onto his ass one inch away from the bumper! then i backed the Jeep in onto his front bumper! NOW HES BOXED IN! now he is forced to confront me:cool:

    Sure we blocked another driveway but were cool with these neighbors and they will knock on my door befor the call cops:D This is just what is happening for the night. Have not had troubles with this cat before but, it is fucking on! The shit has started to fly so it should be interesting to see what comes from this. Now i am ranting about this and smoking a joint.:smoking: Tell me about your shit with neighbors or people in general! if you have ideas i can use a good laugh and i might want to be creative with your help;) looks like this can become an ongoing problem, the old man and myself probably wont let it die to soon:laughing:

    Cops were too lazy to respond so they asked him to remove his vehicle over the phone. They called me to up for an update and my dad was talking with the cop lady and he said that i blocked him in and was gone, he was intoxicated and couldnt drive... mom got out there moved the jeep and an argument arose in the streets at 4am! it was basically him whining and negotiating one parking spot infron of his house. He was tellin me that he pays for the property infront and i told him to fuck off and park on his lawn THEN i wont park there! bitch
  2. hahaha that shits crazy dawson. But it is true.. your family takes up like half the block with all their vehicles.
    Only fued with neighbours Ive ever had was when I was about 12 and lent a video game to my friend across the street, he was supposed to buy it off of me but since he had been borrowing it for weeks and didnt look like he was giving it back or planning on paying me. Eventually my parents called his parents, a yelling match broke out, and then my mom decided to go over there and take the game back herself. Funny shit :smoking:
  3. '' drag racing''? now i see why ''RAT-FINK'' is your sig,

    my neighbour called the fire dept. on me when he first moved next to me,,,,,

    i guess to see the response time,,,he stood at the fence talking to me and watching his watch,,,,'' which i thought was weird''

    he hadnt never talked to me before,,,,,well when i heard the sirens,,,i knew what was up.....i looked at him and told him that was screwed up....

    he went to backpeddling,,,,,,,he must think im stupid,,,,,

    i told him he will regret doing that,,,,,shortly later i got some roosters,,,,,,he hasnt slept past 4;30 a.m. in months....

    the roosters roost in a tree right at his bedroom window,,,,:cool:
  4. Nice Chicken! that great dude! Haha i finally gave reasoning for the Fink to i guess:p drag races are the shit! And for Tymon, i hate that there are so many vehicles outside because i have to park around the corner on a different street from time to time as well... Going to put the mustang into storage, and god, the s10 should be gone soon!
  5. people have way to many fucking vehicles, thats what this thread tells me:rolleyes:

    careful pissing off ur neighbors man, that shit can turn ugly, specially if the guy catches wind of you smokin buddah
  6. we do have way too many fucking vehicles and its fucking annoying! but when 6 people live in a house and all drive their own vehicle....what can you do?
  7. you know bob marley wrote the song crazy baldheads about his annoying neighbors
  8. awww Canadian feuds. How quaint and harmless :p

    The only war I had with a neighbor was when I was around 10 or 12. My older brother and I built an awesome fort in the woods by the house. We had dug out an area about 12x12 around 4 feet deep and then built a shack around it using fallen trees and branches. We then wove in living saplings to bind it all together and make it water-tight. Finally we more planted trees around it to hide it. It lasted about a year and a half until new people moved onto the corner.

    Their kids were fucking pieces of shit and they decided to knock down the fort without provocation. This didn't sit well with us... Over the next summer there were a volley of assaults on both of our houses. They'd egg our house, we'd throw smoke bombs into their windows. They'd try and steal stuff, we'd shoot back with airsoft guns (the good ones, nice fully automatic and 450 fps or so...) The funniest thing we did in my opinion was setting up a trip wire across their front door. We got one of the brothers and he chipped his tooth on the porch. woops.

    This kind of stuff went on for a while, eventually it culminated into the only brawl I've gotten into in my life. They were two brothers as well, but they were a little younger and a lot smaller than us. They were determined but lets just say it was pretty obvious who was going to win. :D After the fight, they stayed out of our business for the most part. Our fort was gone, but we kept them in check.

    sigh I miss those childhood war days. I can't get away with acting like that anymore.
  9. I though Crazy Baldheads was written about the skinheads in the English Reggae scene; Oi, Ska, Mods, Rudeboy, The Hersham Boys,

    You know, Toots and the Maytals and all that.
  10. At least your neighbors aren't part of abovetheinfluence(no joke or one of those anti-drug organizations). The minute i step on their property they yell at me like "GET OUT OF HERE POTHEAD".
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    damn Palmer that sounds like it was a good time:p this dudes twice my age and half my size so he cant do shit:D No one twinks im a stoner, people at work are always shocked because"i dont look like a pot-head" so im lucky there Biggs
    keyed my brother in-laws truck(or someone did last night...) so i guess he does not want this to end now does he? definatly tagginf his shit up in the next couple days! HOPE YOU LIKE IT MAN! I already have the finale planned out... a couple of TOTTALED trucks might come from it. i can sacrafice another one
  12. You should film your finale if theres any chance of a truck being totaled...or exploding

    or at least take pics or something x
  13. well make a nice enough banner and everyone will parade with it.
    eh that's what the tour guide at bob marley's house in kingston said. apparently he liked to chill and get ripped and have lively debates in his backyard right by the fence

  14. We have the same problem at my house. Seven adults and all of us but one have a car. :confused_2:
  15. ^then if anyone comes over to visit on the enitre block it throws the parking off eh? I have never complained about parking aorund the corner from my house tho. if i have to do, its done and i just have to walk a little farther....not a big deal:p Then the occasional asshole comes along and gets what he asks for.... he should enjoy his stay on this street now....lol the garbage can is right beside his house so its all going to his deck!

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