Festive season gone sour?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Zylark, Dec 24, 2002.

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  1. Haha, I read an article just now about a little delicate argument between the honorable BBC and the questionable Vatican.

    Apparantly BBC have aired a TV documentary claiming that the only reason Jesus (or Jebuz as Homer likes to call him) was born, and the conception covered up as a \"virgin\" miracle, was \'coz mary was raped by a Roman soldier and not wanting to admit it. Not altogether unbelievable as Women even today in backwards regions of the world have to be absolutely a virgin before marriage.

    The Vatican claims this is only speculation without any proof whatsoever. Well, duh...

    There\'s no proof for virgin-births either. Hell, If Jebuz got born by a woman who did not, um, interact with a man, He\'d be born a girl (it\'s all about chromosones you see, XX and XY)

    Amazingly, 1/4 of the english priesthood do *not* believe that mary was a virgin, claiming that the birth of Jesus is irrelevant. What is important tho\' was all the things he did as an adult. Fair enough.

    It all comes down to wether you believe in miracles or not i guess.
  2. sounds good to me
  3. All I can say is... if she wasn\'t... Joseph sure put on a real act for not having BANGED her first. ;)
  4. Who banged mary?

    Everyone in the village, except the carpenter...
  5. it\'s funny because if i were to come on here cutting down a certain race i would be called an asshole and would probably receive a tongue-lashing by quite a few people... i realize this is \'pandoras box\' but still, it says no personal attacks and that offended me even though im not a christian or anything
    but yo dont get me wrong im not ratting or tryin to get him kicked out or anything im just sayin... u kno.. just sayin

    and on christmas man... thats pretty fucked up

    -in reference to the mary joke-
  6. Sorry if the joke offended you. I might not be very sensitive to these things, not beeing religous and all.

    It is only a joke. In the old day\'s it would be called herecy, and I would get burned for it. Making fun of someones beliefs tho\' is *very* different from making fun of someone due to eg. skin colour. One cannot help having a certain tint of skin, and making assumptions (and jokes) on that foundation is distateful to me too. Making fun of someones view of life, the universe and everything is different i think.

    Again, sorry if I offended anyone. I don\'t take religion seriously (again), so my remark was probably a bit off-coloured for those who do.
  7. ...an atheist joke... for balance...

    Atheist dies and meets Peter at the gates of free drink, willing women and weed in abundance.
    A: I\'ve been a good dude, atheist says, let me in please.
    P: Nah, you\'ll take the elevator down...
    A: But give me another chance, I know I can better myself!
    P: True I could do that, but you don\'t believe in reincarnation, so goodbye...

    Reminds me of an act Rowan Atkinson did:
    Peter at a mass entrance rally to the divine postures of the after life:
    \"All you Thieves, fornicators and liars, please go to the left. And all you lawyers too...\"

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